When disaster strikes, strike back…up

When was the last time your business went through a major disaster? How long did it take you to get back up and running to full speed? What did you do about the data that you lost? These are hard questions for most business owners to answer because almost all of them haven’t been hit by one yet. The vast majority of businesses that are hit by major disaster don’t survive. Let IT Support LA show you that just because a disaster happened doesn’t mean your business has to have one as well.

Through our comprehensive planning and technology implementation we can ensure that you have:

  • Regular backups prepared
  • Validation to ensure stability
  • Scans using the latest in security software to check for integrity
  • Multiple storage locations for the highest level of accessibility
  • All with the push of a button

We offer turn-key solutions to protect the most valuable asset to your business, information. Don’t let this single four syllable word make light of its weight. The reason one company soars and another falls might be as simple as knowing one extra piece of information. So once you’ve obtained that information you’ll want to ensure its security for the life of your business.

Our Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions go far beyond just storing your information on another location. We cover data validation, threat elimination, and prompt action no matter the situation. Fast, secure, and readily available are important factors when you’re looking to have your business back up and running no matter what happens.

Backup and Disaster Recovery is important to have under control but if that isn’t enough then Business Continuity might just be right for you. Let’s pretend your office just caught fire because someone thought they could microwave a family size lasagna in the aluminum container to save time. What now? What if you could go to another office, turn on a computer, and you were back where you left off the other day? You wouldn’t even lose your missed calls. Does that sound like the kind of security you want to have for your business? Check out our Business Continuity page for more information on just how reliable the operations of your business could become.

Ever wonder how much time it would take you to recover from a disaster?

Find out through our comprehensive ‘Down-time Calculator’ which will help you place a figure on the cost of not doing business and how cost effective our solutions can be for you.

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