When the average plan offered isn’t enough to ensure the stability of your business, Business Continuity services does just as it says. As a successful business owner you understand that anytime your company isn’t operational it’s costing you big.

“No matter what the issue, when it happens, or what it takes to fix you want a full service solution that’s designed to have your infrastructure online all the time.”

Let’s say you had to move your entire office to another building across town. How long do you think it would take to move all of your hardware, setup your infrastructure, and deploy all of your data in a safe and secure manner? If you think a backup from 2 days ago is good enough then you just spent two days of expenses for nothing and now your employee’s will need to run around to try and pickup where they left off. The level of stability offered by our Business Continuity services takes all your data from multiple backups, stored both locally and in the cloud for maximum accessibility, and allows it to be replicated anywhere you need. But we don’t stop there. Business Continuity requires more than just the hardware to be recovered and operational; it requires your staff to be up to speed with it. Part of our continuity plan involves training key personnel within your company on any necessary steps to handle a wide array of potential situations to ensure a smooth workflow for getting back up and running.

In case of emergency, have a cup of tea while you watch your business get back online in no time

By enrolling in our Business Continuity services you will have all of the advantages of our:

  • HaaS – This covers all of your hardware with no upfront costs, free deployment, free upgrades every 3 years, and free part replacements.
  • Virtualization – Virtualize your entire office to ensure the most up time and efficiency.
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery – For those ‘Just in case’ scenarios you want the most secure and effective backup and disaster recovery methods getting your business back up and running.
  • Personnel training – Just focusing on the data and hardware is the near sighted version of business continuity. We understand that the people running your company as just as important when considering reducing downtime and that’s why we’ll make sure they’re ready for anything.

Once you’ve been setup under our service you can sleep easy knowing that you won’t be contributing to the failed business statistic from when disaster strikes in your location. Whether it’s a natural or human caused disaster we’ll make sure that your business won’t be the one to suffer from it.

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