Your business’s data is your gold so guard it like Fort Knox

Everything your business is built on revolves around the information you’ve gathered up until now. From your client database to new market potentials, the digital age we live in is a data driven economy. That’s why IT Support LA offers Data Protection services to help you safeguard your business from potential disasters because no business owner wants to contribute to the failed business statistic.

So you may be asking yourself how you can protect from something that you don’t know is going to happen? That’s where we come in. By studying some of the most common disasters that occur to businesses as well as the environment your located in we can focus on how you can protect yourself and what you need to do to bounce back if something does happen. What you can expect from our services include:

  • Up-to-date security technology to eliminate outside threats who want to get inside by implementing top notch firewalls and anti-virus software.
  • Snapshot processes to target specific RPO (Recovery Point Objective) and RTO (Recovery Time Objective) so we can minimize the time to get you back to where you need to be.
  • Multi-layer backup solutions which can include both cloud and local storages in a variety of media types and with mirroring locations for maximum reliability.
  • Data validation & verification of backups to analyze and eliminate data corruption or viruses before they can wreak havoc in your system. Once we’ve restored your business to operational condition we stress-test your network and check all systems so you don’t get any ‘surprises’ afterwards.

80% of businesses fail after a major disaster occurs whether natural or man-made

We don’t just say this for show. Part of our Data Protection services includes comprehensive reporting to show you what potential issues were addressed before they occurred, where improvements can be made, and how the target goals are being addressed on a regular basis; not just when something has happened. It’s important for you as a business owner to be on the same page with us in understanding how pro-active IT Support LA is with your business because our success is driven through yours.

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