HaaS. This is a word you may not be familiar with but by the end of reading this you’ll be wondering why you don’t have it already. HaaS, or ‘Hardware as a Service’, was designed to take the unpredictability out of your expenses for maintaining the technology that runs your business. Imagine having an insurance plan for your entire businesses’ infrastructure that even included the hardware itself when you signed up for your plan and your monthly bill was 70% the cost of a minimum wage employee*. Now, stop imagining because that’s exactly what we offer. IT Support LA provides full hardware setup, deployment, maintenance, and preventative measures to give you a flat rate month-to-month plan with no strings attached so you can run your business while we handle your infrastructure.

Free hardware, Pro-active Maintenance, and Regular
Upgrades. All for a flat fee with No-Contract. *Mic Drop*

One of the best parts about HaaS is that scalability is built into the business model. When you get setup with our extensive HaaS coverage, scaling up to manage the growth of your business can be done in no time and with no additional cost for deploying new hardware. The service we offer is full infrastructure management. The tools we use to provide this is the hardware and knowledgeable staff which will work with you to ensure all your concerns have been addressed and even the one’s you didn’t know existed. Since we don’t require any contract for our services you can be assured that we will earn your business everyday and our commitment to you will never falter.

Let IT Support LA turn the downsides of starting up or launching a new satellite office an easy process. Don’t want to pay a huge upfront cost for equipment and even bigger cost to upgrade in the future? No sweat, we take care of that for you. Our HaaS services are:

  • Tax deductable
  • Budget friendly
  • No contract required

Now ask yourself, what’s keeping you from switching to our business friendly HaaS plan today?

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