Tonight’s Top 10 list: Name the Ten Best Reasons To Have IT Support LA Take Care of Your Electronic Office Infrastructure

It’s not easy being the best. You feel that every day as you and your employees strive to provide the absolute best for your own customers. Keeping that edge over your competition means freeing up the expertise of your staff to be focused on productivity. Costs are a major factor, especially for IT. The expense of a full time in-house IT department or person, with salaries and benefits is prohibitive.

What happens when sickness like the flu, or even a vacation sweeps out your IT guy? Hooking up temporarily with a ‘Break and Fix’ vendor is costly, puts you at the bottom of that IT provider’s priority list, and the downtime can be catastrophic while you wait for that provider to figure out your system before solutions can be applied. Here are the TOP TEN reasons to leave such worries in the hands of IT Support LA:


We Keep You Up and Running

With our system of proactive on-site diligence and reliable 24/7 remote monitoring, we make sure that all tools are in place to adjust or repair issues within your network immediately – often before you or your staff become aware of them, and WELL before they can adversely affect your uptime. With our Service Guarantees, backed by our Money Back policies in writing, we can confidently assure you that your people will never be able to use us as an excuse for not working (other excuses are certainly available).


We Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

Stay focused on what makes you money, not your IT. With our all-inclusive Managed Services platform, we take those cares away. We even handle vendor calls that affect your network when they are not actually part of our service package - when your internet or your VoIP phone system is down, for example - Most IT companies wash their hands of it with “It’s not our fault – deal with it.” Our focus is on everything we can do to keep you doing what you need to do to grow in your success.


We Provide Better Purchasing Power

Aside from the services we directly provide, our positioning and strategic partnerships allow you to benefit from excellent price points in a variety of areas, not just those that are IT related. We have saved our clients money on their internet services, when they don’t even go through us. Same with phones, and with our thriving Hardware Division, a wide sampling of electronic goods (not just servers and workstations) can be acquired at a discount, sometimes significantly so. We routinely beat the pricing you can get by going straight to the manufacturer.


Lower Operating Costs

With us, you know exactly what the cost of your IT is. Aside from the better service and lower capital outlay for maintaining even ONE in-house ‘IT guy’, we save you money over your typical 3rd party IT ‘consultants’. Many IT companies lure you in with a low hourly or ‘package’ rate, but nickel and dime you over ‘extras’. Even though you saw these additional billable items in the contract, it’s difficult to see their ramifications until exorbitant ‘add-on’ charges begin appearing regularly. These separate charges also often cloud the reality of what you’re paying for your IT. Speaking of contracts…


No Contracts

While there is an agreement as to pricing and the services to be rendered, you can cancel at any time with 30 days’ notice. In effect, we have to earn your business every single day. On top of that, we offer an additional 90-day Full Money Back Guarantee if somehow, we are not delivering what we set forth in our agreement. To date, no client has ever asked to enforce that clause in our agreement.


Get a ‘One-up’ on your competitors

An in-house IT person has his/her hands full just running around keeping everybody running. That doesn’t leave much time for a proactive approach, specifically in using newer technology to help your business work faster. Take Law Firms, for example: Many still plot out court schedules, deadlines and rule changes by hand, using employees’ expensive hours for this drudge of a task, while there are numerous automatic systems that will save money, and ensure against the #1 reason for malpractice suits: Missed deadlines. At IT Support LA, we stay on top of all manner of technological improvements for everything from contractor dispatch to warehousing and logistics, so we can suggest them to our clients, EVEN when they have no bearing on our own IT work.


Be a Bigger, Smarter Fish in the Pond

Small businesses often feel that they are a lesser priority when dealing with various issues arising with huge companies and their customer service. Whether it’s printers, phones, or the internet, having a ‘Big Buddy’ go to bat for you is invaluable. With our extensive contacts and resources, we can wield a bigger stick than your average small company – not just in price, but in support as well. We routinely assist in areas not connected with our own duties to ‘grease the wheels’ and get things to happen faster for our clients.


Boost Employee Morale and Attract the Best Applicants

An employee that is a true asset wants to work in a thriving, well-functioning environment. If the network is a mess, new applicants will think twice about how working there will help their careers. It’s akin to showing them to a desk with a rotary phone on it. If work flow is constantly hindered by computer downtime and cumbersome, old-fashioned technology, the ‘go-getter’ employee will not be happy, while the dead-weight goldbrickers will be fine with it. Which do you want on your payroll. Listen to employee complaints about the network – the squeaky wheel gets the grease… and the business.


Keep Tabs on Expenditures

Your typical Managed Services agreement is all-inclusive. One invoice in the same amount every month. If you have an ‘On-Call’ or what is known as “Break & Fix’ (B&F), you can end up paying through the nose for ‘extras’ and incidentals, spread over a number of separate invoices, making it a chore to get a handle on what you’re actually spending. Often, when you reconcile all these payments, you’ll find that what you thought was a low-cost arrangement for your technical support is really much more expensive. Couple that with the fact that when your service is B&F, you constantly operate in emergency mode, where everything stops until the IT guy shows up, and then drags out his hourly paycheck while he looks for the solution, making for the worst IT service imaginable, both for cost and productivity.


Non-Stop Productivity

We free your employees from all of the cares, work stoppages and extra time spent on varied issues, even non-IT related, such as internet vendor calls, so they can keep their eyes on the prize: More profits for your business, more clients and faster growth. Sure, little things happen: a network is like an automobile requiring maintenance, and little wrinkles appear constantly, but you eliminate the lion’s share of unproductive activity by using a top-tier MSP like IT Support LA keeps the network humming. It wasn’t luck that landed us as one of MSPmentor’s top 501 Managed Services Providers in the world. We guarantee in writing what we’re going to do for you, with ‘money back’ provisions spelled out specifically for you. By putting ourselves on the line with a 30-day cancellation clause in our agreement, we earn your business every single day. It’s like every date is our first date, and 10 years down the road, we’ll still be opening your car door for you.