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Here in California, we are all too familiar with many types of disasters. Disasters can be both natural, such as pandemics, fires, earthquakes, and floods, or man-made, such as data breaches and Ransomware attacks.

It is of the utmost importance to have ‘common sense’ emergency measures and procedures that every business should have in place in the event of a catastrophe: knowing where the fire exits are, dictating to employees a safe place to gather once outside of the building, etc.

But what about the disasters WITHIN your own network that would make an IT infrastructure recovery after a disaster impossible? It’s easy to say, “It will never happen to us,” but it certainly CAN. We at IT Support LA have a client that suffered a fire. A car crashed into and knocked over a DWP power transformer, which then exploded through the roof, burning one of their two buildings to the ground.

Fortunately, as our client, there were no disasters waiting to happen within their network. The data restoration was much simpler and quicker than the property cleanup and rebuilding.

IT Support LA has been called in to assist businesses who suffered a disaster but were not previously our clients, and found the second, underlying disaster within their network infrastructure and data backup procedures. At that point, we were not in a position to perform ‘standard’ IT services, but ‘Forensic’ data recovery, which is time consuming and expensive – and will typically result in large amounts of data that can never be restored.

ALL CAN BE LOST! If you are unaware whether or not there are disasters within your own network and policies, you need to read our FREE REPORT: 7 Disasters That Could Ruin Your Business.

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