Why You SHOULD Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth!

We all know the story of the Trojan Horse. Even after a 10-year siege, the Greeks could not successfully invade the impregnable city of Troy, so they built a giant wooden horse as a parting gift, stood it in front of the city gate and appeared to leave.

The generals of Troy said “Whew, I’m glad that’s over, let’s check out the free wooden horse”, and brought it into the city. But inside the horse was the Greek version of SEAL Team 6. Odysseus and his 40 men snuck out, opened the gates and the Greek army conquered Troy.

Your network is like that:

Networks are like castles, but instead of moats and high stone walls, they have Firewalls and Anti-Virus: Great protections, but they are useless if someone from the inside lowers the drawbridge for the invaders.

The weakest link in your cyber defenses are your own employees, although they would never intentionally cripple your business and force it to the brink of ruin. They are busy and may not be taking the time to consider the danger when they open email attachments or click links in innocent looking emails. That is what Hackers want them to do. Your employee ‘clicks’ and the crooks are inside your system, wreaking havoc.

Users don’t just need a one-time training, because they forget that they need to be on their guard constantly. Your employees need ongoing reinforcement.

Make it Fun and They Will Remember

Learning and retaining the knowledge they need will be fun with:

3-4 minutes long, released every month

Lessons based on real companies who have suffered a significant breach

We emotionally connect with your employees in the first scene of every episode

Each episode is written by a former writer of CSI: NY

Add 7 friends and family members at no cost

Competition encourages engagement

We offer extremely inexpensive CyberSecurity Awareness training that uses 3 – 4 minute engaging videos with Hollywood production values that empower your employees to become active defenders against the growing army of Cyber Criminals that threaten your business.

To see how you can ensure that your employees don’t let invaders storm into your castle and how inexpensive bolstering your Cyber Protection can be:

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