Top 10 Reasons to Trust Your IT Infrastructure to IT Support LA

Why choose IT Support LA as your Managed Services Provider? There are many reasons, but let’s cut to the chase with the following Top 10. Some IT Companies offer combinations of these, but IT Support LA has mastered them all. Pay special attention to numbers 1 and 2, as they are difficult if not impossible to find with other IT firms. It takes supreme confidence in one’s skills and abilities to offer those, but IT Support LA does just that:

No Hard Contracts

You can cancel at any time, so we have to be good.

Money Back Guarantee IN WRITING

You can bet your bottom dollar we intend to make and keep you happy.

Truly Local Support

No Philippines, no India. Everybody is right here in L.A.

Unlimited Onsite Visits From Dedicated Technician

Familiar, smiling faces as often as you need. It's all included.

Technology Concierge – The Entire Package

Every method of your connected communications is safely tucked under our umbrella.

Proactive Support

No crystal ball, but our thorough knowledge of your practices and procedures allows us to 'see' the future of your system.

Hardware as a Service (HaaS)

Hardware? "It's in there!" It's all part of our complete service package.

Lower, Predictable Operating Costs

No 'nickel and dime' extras. A reasonable expense you can budget for. Always.

Better Morale, Better Applicants

If you want Mario Andretti, you don't show him to a Ford Fiesta and expect championships.

We Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

You focus on your goals. We'll make sure you have tools you can count on.


We greatly appreciate your patronage. Our company offers the best in managed services and support for all brands of information technology systems. We pledge to ensure the continuous delivery of superior technical support while simultaneously providing industry-leading customer satisfaction and service.

You have the right to expect and demand to be treated fairly, never taken advantage of through ‘Geek Speak’ smokescreen explanations, but in PLAIN ENGLISH, so you can experience complete satisfaction with the services you receive from IT SUPPORT LA. We pledge to deliver exemplary service on-time and within your budget.

You have the right to complete and unfaltering privacy. As stewards of your data, we have a fiduciary responsibility that any information gathered or seen through the commission of our duties will always remain privileged and private, and we will notify you whenever our work necessarily grants us any access to your data.

You have the right to expect IT SUPPORT LA to sustain the highest levels of personal accountability, professional commitment, and employee empowerment in your every interaction with our organization. We pledge to treat you with the utmost levels of courtesy, responsiveness, integrity, and respect; and to work with you to insure that your relationship with us is a pleasant and cooperative experience.

You have the right to receive unbiased technology recommendations. Too many IT vendors receive ‘kickbacks’ from tech vendors, and shoehorn that technology into your system where it may not be the best fit. We will foster and implement only the best and most appropriate 3rd Party technologies and services available to enhance your network and infrastructure.

You have the right to individual attention, with a dedicated technician and alternate and a single point of contact for all your technical issues or concerns. We pledge to provide prompt, courteous, and efficient service by acknowledging your request within an hour, keeping appointments, and with clear and timely commu­nications. We pledge to help with any IT related issue in your business, through vendor management with all technol­ogies you use, including anything IP based or connected to the computer, phone system and service, security, etc.

You have the right to understand every aspect of the IT policies that we implement to keep your network and data secure. We pledge to make it easy for you to communicate with our staff via our website, email, or by phone, and to receive answers to any questions you may have about how or why a decision, recommendation, or resolution plan is reached.

You have the right to know and understand exactly what we are doing in order to measure our success. Many IT vendors do not give you a clear way to evaluate their performance. We will provide full, comprehensive reporting on all aspects of the IT services we provide and the specific work we perform on an ongoing basis.

You have the right to your own network intellectual property, such as administrative passwords, certificates, network diagrams, and any other IT documentation. Unscrupulous IT vendors hold this information ‘hostage’ as a means of job security. We pledge complete transparency.

You have the right to know the status of your account and tickets, no matter what time of day or night. We pledge to provide secure access to updates and status reports via our Web Help Desk 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and to communicate the progress of resolving any issue.

A large part of our business comes from referrals from happy, satisfied clients. We want you to recommend us, and we know that you will only do this if you are happy with the services we provide. That is why we work so hard to go above and beyond the call of duty. The establishment of our Client Bill of Rights, along with our continual and substantial investment in people, processes, and technology, clearly demonstrates our commitment to our clients.