These are the sets of beliefs that guide IT Support LA’s actions, unites our employees, and defines our vision and our brand.

‘No Excuses’ Mindset
We are not in business to ‘give it a good try’. We are in business to consistently deliver solid results that meet or exceed our clients’ expectations, just as we set and exceed our own high standards. PERIOD. We constantly raise the bar, and we WILL NOT tolerate excuses in lieu of excellence.

Fairness & Justice
We have not earned our success on the backs of others and have no tolerance for those who do. Our core belief is in honest, fair work. If success does not come through simple, hard work – no shortcuts – then it is not solid success but luck, which can be fleeting. For us, while the bottom-line is important, the road taken is paramount.

We have dedicated all of our efforts to building and maintaining strong, loyal relationships with our clients, colleagues, and vendors. Our focus is to continuously be a loyal ambassador for our clients and candidates, working in a collaborative and cooperative manner. We believe in ‘The Golden Rule’: treating others in the manner in which they would wish to be treated, and the way we would wish to be treated as well. We are not just building a company - we are building a family. We are, and will always continue to be, loyal to each other, to our clients, and to our community.

This is not just a ‘job’ – this is our passion. We value passion, determination, perseverance, commitment, and a constant sense of urgency. Passion cannot exist without feeling a burning need to pursue something bigger and better.

Work Hard, Play Hard
We value a work-life balance, constantly striving to infuse it, not only into our work, but into our after-hours activities as well. We attend to the needs of our employees and accommodate their personal life. Happy, balanced people do the best work.

Every factor of our passion, ability and dedication represents our commitment to delivering the highest degree of excellence in all areas under our responsibility Our unwavering promise is to demonstrate Best Practices, from our own recruitment process to preventing and resolving any IT issues our clients may encounter, providing consistently accurate and well-presented information. Our team communicates in a professional and considerate manner, never compromising on well-being and safety.

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