Keep The Environment AND Your Office Clean

Recycling or correctly disposing of office electronics is not just a good practice, but the methods by which it is done are mandated by law. Aside from eliminating the “Trip Factor” of old equipment clogging up your office storage space, these components contain many toxic and dangerous materials. Re-purposing these components keeps them out of landfills and lessens pollution.

Formerly, IT Support LA offered this service to our own clientele, but now we have made it available to everyone. Ridding yourself of these old electronics is now as simple as a phone call or an email. Please contact us today about our Secure Recycling Program.

Safe Asset Disposition

Computers themselves contain the highest number of dangerous elements. With years of expertise, IT Support LA will safely recycle these items with a certified facility near you. Our qualified team will come to your office and collect your old workstations, remove them in a safe fashion which is unobtrusive to your workplace. Tossing these items in a dumpster is not an option. Not only irresponsible, it would also be illegal.

Secure Data Removal

Typically, computers and servers contain sensitive employee and customer information. With IT Support LA’s sound Security Procedures, we will meet your company’s legal requirements in retiring or redeploying an electronic asset. We perform both onsite and offsite degaussing and erasure, ensuring that you are not just trusting copies of your company’s information to “some guy in a pickup truck”. With our chain of custody, this data will never be at risk of exposure.

With Great Recycling Comes Great Responsibility

With every step of the process, from de-installation to destruction or redeployment, IT Support LA adheres not only to all Municipal, State and Federal requirements, but to your company’s policies as well, affording you the confirmation that these asset’s disposition was done in a safe, legal and responsible manner.

Asset Removal

If needed, our service technicians will perform the de-installation of assets still connected to your network, perform serialized audits and remove them from the premises with no disruption to your work force. Whether performing IT services or recycling duties, our staff of certified technicians understand the need to ensure the uninterrupted flow of work in your office.

Processing and Logistics

At your facility or at our Processing Center, we will perform packaging, auditing and tracking of each removed asset from de-installation to destruction or recycling, providing a paper trail for you.

Internal Redeployment

Should you prefer to redeploy an asset within your own company, at the original site or elsewhere, IT Support LA will audit, sanitize data and perform any repairs or refurbishment and re-install these assets where you choose.

A phone call away

All the safeguards that IT Support LA provides are as close as your telephone. Take the headaches away with the assurance that every detail will be addressed, all laws adhered to, and all compliance issues will be strictly followed in the asset disposition of obsolete electronic devices cluttering up your facility.

IT Disposition & Recycling Q & A

Q: Where can I recycle computers?

A:  A Google search will yield a good number of reputable places in the Los Angeles area to recycle computers and computer accessories. As a courtesy, many Managed IT services provide recycling free of charge. In the realm of IT Support Los Angeles, it’s not just about IT, but of being environmentally responsible. Our company, IT Support LA, provides this service free to all – not just our own clientele.

It may be best to recycle through your own IT support and services provider (as long as they do it free), because they will make sure the data is backed up and the unit wiped clean before it goes to the recycler. That’s another good reason why you can’t just throw it in the trash: you don’t want ‘dumpster divers’ selling your hard drives and data.

Q: How do I recycle computers?

A: If you are upgrading a laptop or workstation, it’s simple. If you work with a Managed Services Provider, particularly if you are on a HaaS (Hardware as a Service) HaaS (Hardware as a Service) program, where IT support rotates  computers out of service as part of the ongoing routine, they will typically dispose of old computers in an efficient, secure way. Just about any reputable member of the IT Support Los Angeles community should have the recycling contacts to either perform this task for you or point you towards a good recycler.

If you choose to do it yourself and drop it off at a recycler, make sure you back up all the data and wipe your hard drive clean, disconnect the unit and drive it to the recycler.

NOTE: if the computer still works, consider wiping it clean and donating it. Many charities rely on these types of donations.

Q: Where can I recycle computer monitors

A:  Most computer monitor manufacturers offer take-back recycling. This needn’t involve packing and shipping the monitor, as many manufacturers are partnered with outlets like Best Buy, Goodwill and Staples. Look to the manufacturer’s website for more information. As previously stated, many Managed IT services will perform this task for you.

Q: Are computer keyboards recyclable?

A: Keyboards are designated as Hazardous Waste by The EPA and must be disposed of accordingly. Keyboards do not have as potentially dangerous components (any worse than wiring and plastic) as computers and even monitors, but even so, they should be recycled responsibly. If any accessory still works, it is a great candidate for a donation to a local charity. Best practice says to store computer accessories and give them to your IT service technician upon his/her next visit.

NOTE: VoIP phone systems hardware should also be responsibly recycled. If you are replacing VoIP phones, check with the manufacturer – many of them have ‘buy-back programs. There are also private companies that will buy the old hardware.

Q: What parts can be recycled in a computer?

A: According to Recycle Nation, about 98% of a computer can be recycled: glass monitor, keyboards, plastic or aluminum casings, cables, CD-ROM drives, ray tubes, power cords, circuit boards, batteries and printer cartridges are all recyclable computer materials.

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