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Developing a strategic marketing plan and a consistent brand takes knowledge, skill and excellent timing. Consumers are diverse, and most companies have to reach not one, but multiple, target audiences with their marketing efforts. For many firms, this is a frustrating task which is compounded when budgets have been depleted by “spray-and-pray” methods that fail to reach the correct audience. Rather than waste precious time and money guessing what will hit the mark, let’s work together to create a sensible marketing plan yields the results you want.

We have over 20 years of real-world experience working in the marketing trenches, and the creativity to put together intelligent campaigns for a diverse collection of companies of various sizes and operating in a multitude of industries. We will help you define and develop a marketing strategy that won’t break the bank. Instead, your marketing plan will have the flexibility to expand as your business grows. And with us on the job, you’ll say goodbye to spray-and-pray marketing, and enjoy seeing your tactics reach the qualified consumers likely to purchase your product or service.

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Under One Umbrella

Different from most agencies, Unet Design provides professional design services AND marketing support under one umbrella. It's not only convenient; it makes perfect sense! You'll not only have a well-organized marketing plan, but also your branding will remain consistent throughout all of the campaigns we create and execute for your business.

Find Your Balance

It takes money to make money, as the saying goes, but finding the balance between having a robust marketing plan, and keeping within the boundaries of what you can afford, is vital. If you're spending more than you're making, or not seeing the results from those advertising dollars, let us put you on a more productive, beneficial and economically-balanced path.

Food for Thought

Perhaps having us develop and execute your marketing plan is more than you need. Maybe you already have a designer, and you'd just like a marketing expert to assess some your new ideas, provide guidance with authoring marketing plan, or helping your and your staff execute various projects with your partners. Maybe it's all of the above! If so, we offer affordable marketing consulting services on short- or long-term bases.

Marketing Workshop

IT Support LA presents a FREE fun, informative and interactive marketing workshop in four parts, that is sure to get you jazzed about marketing. Each workshop is free and 90 minutes in length. Click on the icon above to learn more. This is a must-do if you feel confused or overwhelmed by marketing!

One on One

No matter who you decide to have design your brand, time and money can't be wasted. We can help you with that. With over 20 years of experience with media buying, project planning, and contract negotiations, you and your project are destined to come out on top. Click on the icon to arrange a free consultation to learn how stress-free and effortless your next design project can be.

Free Offering

To say thanks for dropping by, here's a marketing tool to help you develop, organize, and execute your own marketing plan. You'll also receive a digital copy of IT Support LA's monthly Tips and Tricks to Effective Marketing newsletter, in which you'll learn cutting-edge marketing strategies, ways to avoid costly marketing mistakes, and how to protect your brand and corporate image. Simply click on the icon and enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide free consultations for prospective clients to meet with designers from our team, to get informed answers to their project questions. There are some questions however, that we can answer for you, right now. Take a moment to review, and feel free to contact us if we have not addressed the question you want answered.

Why do I need marketing support?

Marketing is not something you do occasionally, or when business drops off. The reason for wanting our marketing support is, to develop a consistent marketing plan to keep your business visible to those looking for your product or service. But where do these consumers exist? How will you lead consumers away from your competition? What medias are going to be the most beneficial? What ad planning strategy will fit the budget, and maintain a consistent marketing presence? Don’t know?…We do.

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What can you do for me?

The nice thing about our service is, we can do it all, or come in to do select tasks you’d prefer us to handle. Here are the services we provide:

  • Marketing Plan Development
  • Pitch Deck Preparation
  • Strategy Development
  • Market Research and Analysis
  • Competitor Research and Analysis
  • Digital and Print Project Management
  • Contract Reviews and Negotiations
  • Project Team Development and Distributions

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What industries have you served?

Some of the markets we have served include:

  • Green Technologies
  • Medical
  • Internet/e-commerce
  • Tele-Communications
  • Online education
  • Real Estate
  • Financial
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Food Industry
  • Movie Production
  • Entertainment
  • Aerospace
  • Insurance
  • Energy

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How much do you charge?

The fee for consultation is $70/hr, and is typically billed on a bi-weekly basis. You will receive a project proposal that will include:

  • Scope of Services
  • Timeline
  • Project Milestone Completion Calendar

There are no long term contracts. However, we do recommend working with us for three months at least, so we have the time to collaborate, develop, execute and review the program(s) we have implemented.

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Do I have to sign a contract?

No. We don’t need to strong arm anyone to work with us. That wouldn’t be good business. Besides. clients stay with us because we earn their trust with the quality of work we do. So on those rare occasions when we aren’t the right match for a client, we never stand in the way of them finding what they need. In fact, we help them find a sensible alternative.

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Do you offer consulting on an as needed basis?

Yes we do. We like to make that especially known to those who are taking on a marketing design project for the first time, where team development and project management is critical to the success of the project. So, if you need the experience to lead a design team, or develop a marketing plan for your business, we can come in at any given point, or guide you every step of the way to completion.

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