Have you been in this situation: Your internet is out. Your IT provider troubleshoots the system and positively identifies that the problem is with the internet vendor. With almost all IT companies, your tech will say, “It’s not us =- you have to call them.”

Now you’re stuck waiting on hold for your vendor while your office productivity drops to near ZERO. This could be about the internet, your VoIP phone system or software that you need to run your business. It could be about any vendor that affects your electronic communications.

How about having an IT company that says: “No Worries – We’ve Got This!”

For IT Support LA clients, Vendor Management is not an extra, it’s included with our Flat Fee service.

You typically cannot get this service from a ‘Pay By the Hour’ IT guy. Vendor Management can take an hour, but it can also take many, many hours, and the bill you will get for the hours spent can be astronomic.

Think of us as your Technology Traffic Cop

We know all of your communications, applications and procedures inside and out. We will route your issues to the appropriate location for speedy resolution.

  • One-stop shop for service: No need for you to decipher the correct vendor to resolve your issue. You shoot it over to us, we’ll ferret out who is responsible and stay on top of it until it’s resolved.
  • Unlimited service requests: We do not limit the number of requests you make to manage your vendors.
  • No finger pointing: No “It’s not us, it’s them.” That just pulls you away from your business into being a referee and basically sorting out the problem yourself.
  • No hours on hold: We stay on hold for you, no matter how long it takes. We take your customer service nightmares away.
  • You are happy, and your Vendors are happy: They won’t need to figure out creative ways to explain the issue to ‘non-techie’ end users. We speak their lingo, and they know they can’t try to ‘Geek Speak’ their way around it. We get to the heart of the matter fast.
  • Better pricing from vendors: We will usually know if your vendor offers a better plan or pricing, perhaps by comparing our other clients’ rates. Substantial free upgrades are often available… if you know about them. We will know and negotiate a better deal for you.
  • Our Vendor Management Umbrella protects everything: We understand how your vendors service your environment, and we manage the ‘interoperability’ to make sure everything works in harmony.

With true Flat-Fee IT you will never have to worry about managing or dealing with your vendors, because we will take care of it. Keeping your network up and humming along is a given – our Vendor Management is included at no extra cost and is an invaluable asset that keeps you focused on your company’s productivity and goals.

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