IT Support LA Has Your Migration Covered

You have made the decision to move your data and applications to the cloud for better security and lower localized costs, but now what? Migration to the cloud requires a solid plan which will not interfere with or slow down your workflow.

Migration Consultation

Step 1: Infrastructure and Workload Analysis 

These are some of the major factors that need to be taken into consideration:

  1. Evaluation of the work practices effected by the migration process
  2. How the change will affect your company and your customers after the migration
  3. Impact on the workload in your office
  4. Cost analysis and impact of re-purposing your infrastructure
  5. Setting up compliance with Security Standards
  6. Analysis and determination of the cloud service best suited to your needs
  7. Steps to safeguard your business continuity
  8. Creation of the best storage and disaster recovery plans.

Step 2: Creating the New Technical Infrastructure

IT Support LA will lay out a highly detailed, comprehensive blueprint of the new infrastructure, including, but not limited to: Business Continuity, all workstations, servers, Operating Systems, DNS requirements, network details, load balance, delivery of applications, bandwidth, Sign in & backups or storage needs post migration.

Step 3: Implementation of the Migration Plan:

IT Support LA takes all factors into account in creating the Project parameters for a smooth migration: necessary tools and details, a timeline designed to allow for your work flow to proceed without even the smallest interruption, pre and post migration cost estimations and any necessary staff deployment training, resources needed, roll-back and contingency plans, and recommended vendor(s).

Step 4: Working with Vendors and Service Providers

IT Support LA will discuss the scope of work in depth with the vendor to determine functionality and best vendor practices for a migration with no downtime or data loss.

IT Support LA will also make sure that vendor support is available during and post migration to assure end users are aware of how to access and navigate the new system.

Migration Implementation

Step 6: Technical Review

IT Support LA performs a comprehensive review of all infrastructure and workload details with our Project Managers, verifying with your project leader that every aspect that could effect your internal work flow is addressed. Ant changes made during this period will become part of the plan moving forward.

Step 6: Migration Implementation & Management

All aspects of timelines & any milestones are cemented in place, our certified Project team members are identified, and the Project begins.

Step 7: Delivery & Testing

The Migration is tested on an ongoing basis to reveal any unforeseen issues. Issues are addressed and resolved.

Step 8: Post Migration Support

Once the Cloud Migration of all data, applications and infrastructure is successfully completed and re-tested, Project sign-off takes place.

IT Support LA provides thorough support services throughout the transition and your staff’s post-migration adaptation to the new infrastructure.

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