Every company of every size must have Business Processes in place. An organized business will have these procedures written out. No matter the department, there can never be any question as to how your workers fulfill the company’s agenda and goals. A durable, long-lasting house is built on a solid foundation, and your Processes are the bedrock of your business.

The 5 Core Business Processes:

  • Logistics and Production: Whether you provide a product or service, you must deliver what the customer wants – when they want it.
  • Sales & Marketing: You must find and sell those who need your product or service.
  • Accounting and Finance: Keep track of those dollars!
  • HR & Management: Without a Chain of Command and adherence to the laws concerning  your workers, chaos can ensue.
  • Customer Service: Once you’ve gotten them, you need to keep them!

These are the largest and most important of the basic ‘Building Blocks of Business’. Additional sub-categories of Processes are built into the Big Picture items.


What about IT?

IT allows all other processes to happen. Network downtime and a slow response from your IT provider grind your business to a halt. Why is it that most companies do not have a comprehensive process for their IT, when all other processes entirely depend on it?

There may be threadbare instructions such as “When computer problems arise, contact Office Manager Julie to call the IT company.” With their corporate finger on every pulse within the company, how can such an important factor remain unacknowledged.

Many CEOs and Managers fail to grasp how many of their processes are indeed the responsibility of their IT Provider. Such as:

  • Hiring: For each new hire, a new user is created, set up with a computer, email, permissions and access to devices (printers, scanners etc.).
  • Termination: All access must be removed for former employees an hardware repurposed. The hiring process in reverse.
  • New Hardware Acquisition: Who determines when a workstation or server is reaching its ‘End of Life’? Who replaces the hardware, installs, and trains users on any differences from their old technology? IT does.
  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device): Every laptop or remote device, from Smart Phones to ipads to home connections have to be secured with the appropriate protocols.
  • WiFi Management: WiFi must be a ‘Permanent YES Response’, just like the network itself. It MUST be secure from any hacker that is nearby.
  • Internet Activity: Forbidden sites need to be established, with protocols and permissions for Safe Browsing and Content Filtering.

These are just the main areas for which a business owner or manager should expect the IT company to take responsibility. Depending on the type of enterprise, there will certainly be more. You have every right to demand that your IT provider take these responsibilities very seriously.

At IT Support LA, we work with every client to establish these all-important Business Procedures and ensure adherence to them. WE are your ‘IT Department’. WE are your Technology Partner.

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