But… I’m already safe in The Cloud. I don’t need this.”

This a Huge misconception. Cloud to Cloud backup (C2C) refers to the backup of applications that are already hosted in the cloud. The vendors you use for your cloud backup are just providing the platform.

In order to understand that better, we need to explain what a cloud is in a sentence:
‘Cloud’ is defined simply as ‘Your server somewhere else’.

Cloud services have massive data centers that host your data and applications. Like a warehouse.
Your applications or your emails are still running off a server just like they did at your office before the migration. So being in the cloud, just means that you are “remoting” into the application that is installed and running of another server.

Cloud backups have proven to be more reliable than local backups, but any system can fail. Backing up to multiple locations via C2C provides a critical ‘fail-safe’ redundancy for your data protection, like not ‘putting all of your apples in one basket’.

The vendor/owner of your Cloud service will maintain your remote server, secure it, and make sure it is operational and functional for you, but they typically do NOT manipulate your data in any way.
This means they do not provide data verification, check data integrity and most importantly – backup.
That refers to both applications and emails.

Test it!

Delete an email and wait 30 days. Then try restoring that email. Call Microsoft, Google, or whomever the email platform is provided by, and ask them for that email. Learn the truth before you lose important emails or data.

Why is that important?

Most likely any dispute, claim or lawsuit you encounter will go through a ‘discovery’ process, and that discovery process will often require the submission of all related emails and files. If deleted, you are leaving your business very vulnerable, without a good position to protect yourself against allegations from accusers ranging from vendors, customers or even terminated employees.
This can be catastrophic to your business.

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