This is a case of New versus Old. The old way of looking at IT was entirely reactionary: “It broke, fix it.” As the Managed Services platform has shown, waiting for things to break costs time and money. A Top-Notch Managed Services Provider (MSP) like IT Support LA prevents most things from breaking, but even that is not that simple, nor is it enough. As in any facet of business, a forward-looking strategy is an absolute necessity.

Why You NEED an IT Strategy Plan

I presume you are a savvy business owner or administrator. Does any part of your business just move forward in a haphazard manner or do you have a plan for how to meet your goals? IT to a business is as fundamentally necessary as RNA is to DNA. In short, DNA is the ‘code’ (your business and its goals), while RNA makes that code actionable – it carries the message to where it’s needed.

Nobody starts out on the path to success without knowing where they want to go: you see the endpoint and work backwards to the reveal the first, and ensuing, steps required to arrive there. Strategic planning enables streamlined decision making at every level in your organization. Decisions either promote the plan or subvert it.

Isn’t IT Strategy Planning the MSP’s Job?

Yes, it is, but like any relationship, it depends on you: Your goals and where you want your business to go. Most run-of-the-mill IT providers and even MSPs are unfamiliar with the need for the Strategic IT Planning concept. At IT Support LA, with your input and agreement, we provide the technological path  for you and your company to reach  goals.

Sound Complicated? IT Support LA is here to help!

Led by a project manager , IT support LA is a project-driven IT company. Every project, no matter how simple, is treated by our company in terms of project management using the Strategic Plan as our framework standards.

With our IT Strategic planning service, which is built into our offering, your business will benefit from:

  1. Comprehensive Scope of Project from A to Z: You do not need to educate yourself with hours of research about what you want to achieve. We will do it for you
  2. Project Management Experience: Timelines, communication, accountability charts and project leads are just part of the framework we use to execute every project successfully.
  3. Budgeting and Planning: A truly proactive approach to your infrastructure. Frustration arises when you have to reach out to your IT for recommendations. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? We believe so too.
  4. Vendor Coordination and Management: We not only execute the project but we are the point of contact when coordinating communication with ALL vendors. For example, this is why projects related to software migration are our best performers.
  5. Accelerated Timelines: Often we learn that what should be simple projects, such as terminal server implementation, can take months. This is almost always due toa lack of, or just plain bad, planning. Our company is capable of executing even the most complex IT projects in matters of weeks. Most projects are usually done within a matter of days - simpler projects within hours.
  6. No Unexpected Costs: Has it ever frustrated you to start a project at an agreed-upon price only to learn that more funding is required throughout the project? We at IT Support LA, using our unique framework, are able to provide proper project analysis costs with 100% accurate delivery. We will NEVER provide a solution that will cost more down the road. If such a scenario occurs, we cover the difference.
  7. Redefined IT Experience: Our company’s competitive advantage is our core focus on the customer IT experience. We make sure that any components which might impact your experience (delays, cost fluctuations, miscommunications, or improper communications) are recognized and dispatched prior to starting, so your project is delivered on time and on budget and fully meeting your expectations.

Confucius wrote, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step," but what use is that step if you have not plotted the best path to your destination? Even more to the point, Ben Franklin once said that those who 'Fail to plan, plan to fail." Among the many bits of wisdom he imparted, none is truer than this.

IT Support LA can help you come up with a solid Strategic IT Plan that you can rely on to propel your company forward on the journey to greater success.

Yes, I want to develop a bulletproof IT Plan

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