Email to Cloud Migration is Fast and Frugal

The newest and most advanced technology for email hosting is Microsoft Office365, with G-Suite by Google Cloud running second – and a little behind. However, for most businesses not yet using these, either one is a vast improvement over what they have now.

Why Migrate Your Emails to the Cloud?

The main benefits are in saving time, money and headaches. There are 3 different outdated platforms serving small business email systems, and they each have their own reasons to be discontinued:

#1. On-Premise Exchange, wherein you host your emails in-house on your own email server.

Downside: Requires protection, ongoing updates, security, backups, and ongoing hardware and licensing upgrades. With today’s technology, there is absolutely no reason for small businesses to have a mail server in house as this obsolete method is inefficient and much more expensive to maintain.

#2. Older Platforms, such as GoDaddy Workspace or any of the many email hosting services (1and1, DSL Extreme, Earthlink, Ionos, etc.).

Downside: These are old cloud technology. They do not provide proper features and interface and do not provide the basic services that are required these days, such as multi-form authentication, encryption and if you are in compliance , they will not be (HIPPA, PCI).

#3. 3rd Party Services, such as GoDaddy Office 365, Intermedia, AppRiver, etc.

Downside: These are often more expensive as they are resellers of the source (usually office 365) and offer extremely limited administrative access to the client, who must submit a customer service request or ‘Ticket’ every time they need something done. This for their protection, not yours. These services are a nightmare for both the client and their IT providers as they prevent IT from fully administrating Microsoft best practices, which leaves the customer paying more to be less secure.

The primary reasons businesses do not migrate

Concern: The false concept that it is an extremely complex process.


  1. IT Support LA’s migration tool makes the migration seamless with minimal user intervention. No downtime, no data loss, and no frustration.
  2. The migration takes place simultaneously, replicating the emails in 2 different platforms until we are ready to cutover. No user-disruption
  3. Post-cutover synchronization assures that absolutely no data (emails, calendars, contacts) have been lost during the transition.
  4. As an extra safeguard, the migration stays active for 7 days after and no data is deleted, so if any   data IS missing, another sync command securely retrieves it.

Concern: There is a wide range of pricing and migration strategy offered by vendors. Too much ‘Geek-Speak’ clouds the client’s decision-making process.

Solution: These disparities are very common since Email migration is still rather new technology. IT Support LA’s guarantee is a very reasonable flat fee - $125/mailboxes, no extra cost.

Concern: The client lacks staffing and available hours to handle the logistics of the process.

Solution: IT Support LA does not need the customer’s involvement past approximately 10 minutes of data collection and migration confirmation. Our team will setup the platform, setup and perform the migration, make sure that each user’s devices are properly switched to the new platform and we provide post-migration support at no cost as well. We are truly ‘Turn-Key’.

Concern: The client feels they cannot devote an extended period of time to an email migration project.

Solution: Our migration tool works in the background and does not interrupt any user’s workflow. A typical email migration project runs between 7-14 days during which time most users will not even notice that anything has changed. It is a seamless, almost invisible process.

See How Easy and Inexpensive it Is

Do not let old myths keep you from examining how much Cloud email Migration will vastly help both your productivity and your company’s pocketbook. Your workplace will not be disturbed, your data is protected at every step, and the process will go by so quickly and quietly you will hardly know we were there.

IT Support LA guarantees that the process is painless, keeps your data secure and allows your staff to go about their business while we effect the transition to the Cloud completely under the radar. Your office will hardly see us during the initial setup, and once we start, they won’t even know we’re working behind the scenes.

Best off all, there is no guesswork on your part: Our Flat Fee of $125 per mailbox assures you of no ‘unintended’ add-on costs. We have been performing Migrations for a very long time, and we guarantee our work in writing.

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