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Many things seem easier than they actually are. Content Writing is one of them. Why is this such a painstaking process for most? There are many questions to ask, and thoughts to organize, before we develop any content. These queries help us write clear, effective content that builds trust and credibility with consumers, and how we present this information allows search engines and consumers to find your business and its products.

Sure, this approach enables us to consistently create fantastic content, but our 20+ years of real-world marketing experience is what truly lets us shape public opinion, create action, and strengthen reputations for our clients.

The content we write for your business will be clear, professional, sophisticated, and easy to understand. More importantly, it will reinforce the corporate reputation, branding, and sales strategy you want for the business.

Web Content

Before developing any content, we do our homework selecting the right, non-competitive keywords and phrases so search engines will know how to identify your site. In the end, the copy we will produce, will ring clear to search engines, and your desired audience.

Search Engine Compatible

Content is king, and writing for print and the web requires a different set of rules and standards. Fortunately, we stay current on those standards and differences, so consumers and search engines are able to locate your business online.

We Warranty Our Work

Try to find a design team that stands behind its work as much as we do. From concept to launch, your project will undergo a series of edit sessions and functionality tests to ensure its debut is flawless. For 90 days thereafter, your project will receive IT Support LA's Watchdog Monitoring Support to locate and fix any discoveries... free of charge. Click on the icon image to view Unet's warranty policy.

Customize Your Payments

It's not only fun to work with our team, it's also quite comfortable and very affordable. We now accept all major credit cards via PayPal, so clients can receive what they need now, and pay for it later! How's that for customer convenience?

Complete Content Solutions

Web content writing is just one piece of the puzzle we deliver. We also provide content writing services for other important sales and marketing functions, such as internal and external guides, brochures, product manuals, print/email newsletters, blog posts, and public relations materials, to name just a few. If it can be written, we can handle it!

Secure Project View Room

You will never to have to stop your day for us. In fact, as long as you have an Internet connection, you can review your project in real time and send comments directly to our content writers from anywhere life takes you. It's just one of the many ways we go the distance for our clients. IT Support LA is all about making the process a very pleasant and memorable experience for you and your brand.

Smart Content that supports your marketing

There are often several inconsistencies with the look, the feel, the tone, and the selling strategy of many marketing pieces. The reason is because most content writers don’t bother to study previous marketing materials before creating a new one for their client. We make certain, the content we develop is written having the past, present AND future marketing efforts of our client’s in mind.

This saves a sizable amount of time and money for our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide free consultations for prospective clients to meet with designers from our team, to get informed answers to their project questions. There are some questions however, that we can answer for you, right now. Take a moment to review, and feel free to contact us if we have not addressed the question you want answered.

What is the process to have UNet write the content?

Just like any project we take on, it starts with an interview, where we ask questions to learn key marketing points about your business. Then, once the project gets underway, there will be milestones we will accomplish within the time line we established for your project. At each milestone, you will have an edit session with your content writer, to review and address edits. The third milestone is usually the final edit session, where adjustments are usually minuscule. Following your written approval of the content, we will then either post it to the web, or send it to the printer of your choice. At this time, your final payment to the project will be due, and it is when you will also receive a copy of the finished project by registered US mail, or electronically via Google Docs, Dropbox, or Email.

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What is the experience of your content writer?

Our content writer has extensive, proven marketing and communications experience – on both sides of the agency/client divide – in a diverse spectrum of industries and market segments. Our writer has two decades of professional experience in designing and delivering high-impact marketing strategies and programs in the following sectors:

  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Biotechnology
  • Cable and Telecommunications
  • Consumer Products
  • Entertainment
  • Healthcare
  • Media
  • Non-Profit
  • Professional Services: Accounting, Business / IT Consulting, and Legal
  • Retail
  • Sports
  • Technology: Consumer and Enterprise.
  • Travel and Hospitality.

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What should I expect to pay?

You wouldn’t walk into a restaurant and blurt out “how much to feed me?”. So, to answer this question would require having an idea of what you would like done. The more you can tell us, the more precise our estimate will be.

Of course, we know you still want some sort of an answer, and we don’t want to disappoint. With that said, our rate is $75/hr. To write content for a standard five -seven page web site would take approximately 10-12 hours. This would include; research and development, edit sessions, revisions and a warranty.

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Is IT Support LA like

We are definitely not like Fiverr! With us, you will get exactly what you want, when you need it, and a no hassle warranty with everything we do. Now, if you are trying to get Rolls Royce quality work, at a Pinto price, we are not the one’s to call. However if you have a reasonable budget, and the need for an experienced design team to do the job, we have the skill set and experience of a big city agency, without the inflated egos or outrageous prices. With our team, you will receive the value, fair pricing, and quality of work you need.

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Does IT Support LA warranty their work?

Yes we do! Unlike other content writers, Unet Design provides a 90 day warranty on content written for the Web. In addition to the 48 hour Watchdog Monitoring we provide for all projects, print projects such as manuals, brochures, trade show pieces, etc, are covered every step of the way throughout the entire design process.

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What's the average turn-around time for a content writing project?

That is rather difficult to gauge when there is no project to discuss. However, on average, content origination for a standard sized 6-8 page web site could take 1-2 weeks. Print pieces like a brochure could take 5-7 days, where an extensive catalogue could take 4-6 weeks.

The best way to calculate a timeline or expenditures for your project is it to arrange a free consultation with one of our designer’s, where we can address any of your project questions and concerns.

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Will Unet take care of writing content for my social media pages?

Not only do we write profile pages that bring out the best in you. We can also write engaging content for your blogs, articles and newsletters, to improve open rates, and help your clients stay connected with your business.
So whether you want content written once a month, once a week, or everyday, you can use our professional content writing service as often as you wish, without ever exceeding your budget for the project.

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Does Unet Design work on existing sites?

We sure do! If you have a WordPress, Joomla or Drupal site and looking to refresh, revise or revive your existing site, we can certainly help. We will also include a free Site Performance Assessment, where we will examine your site’s overall performance, search engine optimization, navigation hierarchy and user experience. And for those who need ongoing attention, we do offer affordable maintenance programs you can customize!

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