IT Services come in many shapes and forms. We are sure that when comparing new IT vendors they all initially look the same, and since IT can still be somewhat ‘foreign’ to many administrators, what are the criteria for honing in on the best IT company to suit your own unique needs?

If you look to the right, we have provided a menu of specific services that we provide, with itemized, detailed descriptions of the bulk of our primary duties available by clicking on ‘Managed IT Services’.

But the truly important criteria for choosing any type of vendor lies not in a list, but in the people and business ethic behind those services.

What are the most important factors to you in choosing a vendor?

Is it about the Relationship?
Do you feel more comfortable, as a small to mid-size business, in dealing with a smaller business? We have started relationships with more than a few businesses that felt neglected by their huge, Nationwide IT conglomerate. In fact, IT Support LA provides local on-site services for some of those industry titans. Our own client focus is on businesses your size.

We at IT Support LA view our relationship as that of your ‘Technology Partner’, a view that has many ramifications – from vendor management to acting as your ‘virtual CIO’, looking out for your technological interests at every turn and in every way.

Is it about a Local Presence?
IT Support LA is based in Tarzana, serving the Greater Los Angeles and Ventura County areas for 18 years. Our HelpDesk is in-house, in fact any one of us here can take less than a two-minute walk and see them. We invite all of our clients, who already know their dedicated Field Technicians, to visit our offices and meet their in-house team as well.

Is it about the “Character” of your vendor?
IT Support LA is invested in our community. It has been good to us over the years, and we support our community, giving back in various ways on an ongoing basis. We are your neighbors: IT Support LA's Community Service

Is it ONLY about the pricing?
Let’s say you choose the lowest priced IT vendor: our experience tells us that quotes from reasonably qualified IT companies should not be that far apart. If someone is so far below the norm in pricing, that should throw up a Red Flag, but let’s say you choose that vendor:

The price is great, but their response time is slow, and too many times the ‘fixes’ they apply are incomplete and have not solved the problem. Perhaps when your employees call help the IT HelpDesk they cannot understand the person on the other end of the line because they are based half a world away, or that person is only there to take the call, but is not equipped to solve the issue at hand. Now you wait your turn for a ‘qualified’ representative.

Is service like that even worth the lower price you pay for it?
If pricing IS the only issue, please click here to see our full-service offer for a simple flat fee: Flat Fee IT offering

Meet IT Support LA

Our company’s name says it all. We are IT Support LA and who we are is what we do! Our name is to the point, our approach is to the point, our delivery and promise is all in service to that point. Ours is a truly Holistic approach – the all-encompassing well-being of electronic communications in your office.

Our expertise in the ‘Nuts & Bolts’ of IT service is a given, as it should be (but typically isn’t) for any company that hangs out their ‘IT Shingle’. What sets us apart is that we have made it our main mission to elevate your experience with Information Technology well beyond the expected, traditional norm.

You will not hear us spouting ‘Geek Speak’ to cloud an issue - our technicians communicate with you in clear, plain English that illuminates what we are doing for you at every turn.

IT Support LA’s Overall Job Description

This is “A Tale of Two Companies” – yours and ours. We learned long ago that providing your company with the absolute best in fast, thorough, and reliable services boosts our own bottom line in terms of internal costs.

Our #1 job is to protect you – from downtime, Cyber threats, and from IT being a diversion from your productivity in any way. We make your IT invisible so that you can focus on growing your business and meeting your company’s goals.

As well, it is our job to answer the following 4 important questions:

  1. How can today’s technology elevate my business? New technology is coming out almost every day. It is your IT’s job to learn about it and understand how it can serve you.
  2. How can I, as the business owner, enjoy the benefits of new technology without putting my company at risk? New technologies often bring new risks. Is your IT delivering risk management services along with their technology suggestions? We take responsibility. By the time we make a suggestion, we already have a blueprint for how it’s going to work safely for you.
  3. What are my IT department’s Policies & Procedures (P&P)? You have P&P for your business, and we are your de facto IT department. Our P&P are fully explained and documented, so you will always know what to expect of us (no gray areas). We work for you, not vice-versa.
  4. What is my IT strategy and road map for the next 3-5 years? Your IT should be able to answer what is currently preventing you from reaching the next level of technology and how to resolve it - both for your bottom line accounting and your operational procedures.

With the wealth of knowledge that many years serving customers’ IT needs has brought us, we are confident in stating flatly that a minimum of 70% of business are NOT currently getting what they’re paying for. That huge majority of companies has no concept that IT should be so much more than just computer repair and backups. We at IT Support LA DO know it: it is our Mantra.

To this end, we have already focused on the Policies & Practices within our own company to focus all our efforts on you, the client, knowing the built-in benefits to us as well. We are a team of passionate humans, not outsourced robots, and we all came together to change the IT world, and your experience in it.

To see for yourself, please browse through the menu items on the right, for detailed descriptions of the Humanist form of the IT methodology we practice.

We will be happy to discuss these matters, answer any questions and provide a FREE in-depth consultation on your IT situation.

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