Your “Customer Experience First” Guarantee

Do you ever feel like an inconvenience when you call Customer Service at one of your vendors? Your happiness is our main goal. We guarantee that you and your company will always feel ‘pampered’. You are permanently #1 with us.


Your “Thrilled Every Day or You Don’t Pay!” Guarantee

If you are ever dissatisfied with any service for ANY reason, call and let us know. We will work with you to correct the issue at no additional charge, or arrange for another technician to correct the issue at no additional cost to you.

If this still does not resolve the issue to your complete satisfaction, we will refund 100% of the money you have paid us. All we ask is that you notify us within 72 hours of the unsatisfactory service, and before another service begins.


Your “Pay No Ransom!” Guarantee

Ransomware is the most prevalent and fastest growing Cyber Crime today. Simply put, the crooks trick one of your users into clicking on a malicious link or attachment, the Ransomware invades the system, encrypts your data and charges you a Ransom for a Decryption Key or Code.

We guarantee that as our client, no matter how bad the attack is, you will NEVER be forced to pay the Ransom. With our security and reliable backup measures in place, we will be able to restore your data and make your network whole again without paying the thieves a dime.


Your “No Hostage-Taking” Guarantee

We have onboarded new clients whose old IT company refused to give them the Administrative passwords to the network in an attempt to prevent them from switching vendors. Those passwords and certificates are YOUR property, not our hostages. IT Support LA offers you the complete transparency of Full Guaranteed Access at all times.

The excellence of our service and staff will keep you with us, not kidnapping your data.


Your “Cost Control” Guarantee

We will NEVER increase your agreed-upon price. The only changes are when you add increased workload, such as growing your office and increasing the number of users we support. If you start with 20 users and 20 years later, you still have just 20 users, your price will have remained the same.


Your “Always More, Never Less” Guarantee

So many products and services claim to keep their prices low, but bit by bit, you receive less: it could be anything from the little ‘extra’ services you used to get that are now gone (ask a grandparent about the time when uniformed attendants cleaned your windshield while you car was being filled with gas), to the size of a Candy Bar or a box of cereal – no, you’re not getting bigger: everything is getting smaller.

With IT Support LA, not only will we never compromise on Customer Service, but we will  improve your system and service constantly. We know the secret that making your service quicker save us money, and we share our savings with you.