AlmostX1XBillionXAndroidXPhonesXVulnerableXToXQuadRootXHackSecurity researchers from Check Point have unearthed a new vulnerability dubbed QuadRoot that leaves potentially 900 million or more Android-based smartphones vulnerable. The attack manifests when a user unwittingly installs specially designed malware which executes the attack. This is often disguised as an app, which the user can be directed to via a variety of simple social engineering tactics and/or phishing emails.

Once installed, the malware allows the hacker controlling the app root-level control over the device. Of particular concern, where QuadRoot is concerned, is that included among the controls granted to the hacker are the abilities to remotely activate the phone’s microphone and record conversations, take pictures or video, and hide, clone, or delete files at will.

The vulnerability has gained the immediate attention of Android device manufacturers and Google, who maintains the Android OS, and all are currently working to address the vulnerability. Google anticipates having the security flaw plugged by September, but in the meantime, extra care should be taken when installing any new app on your phone, and be sure that any app installed is acquired through a trusted source like the Google Play Store.

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