No signal in the conference room? Not anymore.

Spotty wireless connections are something we are all too familiar with. Whether you have to battle against loss of signal or are never sure whether it’s your actual network or just the wireless signal, you can never rest easy until you’re standing right next to wireless access point. Let us give your wireless network a much needed overhaul.

Understanding wireless pitfalls requires more attention than most think. Sometimes it’s not as easy as just tossing a repeater down the hall. Construction materials, electromagnetic interference and even that Bronze Lion you couldn’t help but buy in the entrance can become an issue for wireless signals. We’ll breakdown the signal map of your office and recommend the best ways to eliminate problems in the areas you want to have signal and make sure that you can even keep some dead zones around to ensure productivity doesn’t drop during working hours. We can also provide plans to setup congruent secure wireless networks so you can provide select individuals’ access and place limitations as needed.

Depending on the size of your location it can be as quick as a few hours and we can provide a plan to remedy all of your wireless nightmares. Running an outdoor business but still want to stay connected? We can handle that as well. Just because you get fresh air doesn’t mean you have to have a stale connection.

The initial test and setup doesn’t ensure anything which is why we do follow up tests to provide you with the maximum potential so you can get the most of your wireless network.

Whether it’s a Smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop, or repeater we will turn your wireless network from Swiss cheese to a bullet proof vest while maintaining security and throughput at all times.

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