January 19, 2021: We are proud to announce that our CEO, Yuri Aberfeld lent his expertise in the area of Cyber Security to two different reporters, Amy Stulick and Mark R. Madler, writing separate articles for a ‘Special Report’ in the esteemed San Fernando Valley Business Journal, out in the April 12, 2021 edition. Both articles reproduced below.

Yuri has long been a presence and a contributor to our Valley community, an outspoken advocate of the highest levels of network security, end-user training, and reliable Disaster Recovery planning. He was quite happy to sit with reporters in the hope that any advice he could give would help members of our business community – whether IT Support LA clients or not.

In Yuri’s own words, “When one person does well, we all do well. Just as a rising tide lifts all boats, it is easier for everyone to succeed in a thriving community.”

Read both articles here: