With the advent of a new year, we should all take stock of the sustainability measures we endorse and use. We hear ‘sustainability’ everywhere these days, but it isn't just a buzzword; it's a necessity. All around the world businesses are increasingly embracing eco-friendly practices – and not just for a positive impact on the environment. It’s also for the benefits they can bring to the bottom line.

Sustainable technology habits are not only about reducing your carbon footprint, but also about improving efficiency, cutting costs, and attracting environmentally conscious customers – and there are a lot of those customers.

Besides helping the planet, ‘Going green’ can mean saving more dollars. Let’s explore some 18 sustainable tech habits you can easily and painlessly adopt.

  1. Energy-Efficient Hardware and Appliances

More and more, devices of all types are mandated to save energy, so investing in energy-efficient hardware and appliances can lead to significant cost savings. Especially in the long run. Energy-efficient devices consume less electricity, resulting in lower utility bills.

Take a good look at upgrading to Energy Star-rated equipment. And using LED lighting to reduce your energy consumption. It may surprise you how fast your electric bill goes down after replacing lightbulbs.

  1. Cloud Computing and Virtualization

Using cloud computing and virtualization solutions can help you optimize your IT infrastructure. By consolidating servers and resources, you reduce the number of physical devices which leads to lower energy consumption and reduced hardware maintenance costs. This is a job for your internal IT support team or outsourced Managed Services Provider.

  1. Telecommuting and Remote Work

Since the COVID lockdowns and the drastic rise of the remote workforce, things have settled down and many employers are demanding their staff return to the office. BUT: Is that really the best move? By embracing remote work, companies shave costs by reducing the need for office space. It also cuts down on commuting-related emissions. Employees who work remotely also report increased job satisfaction and productivity, both of which can positively impact your bottom line.

  1. Renewable Energy Sources

Naturally, everybody wants this, but these solutions have to be feasible. Wherever possible, consider transitioning to renewable energy sources like solar or wind power. However, wind power is showing dark consequence in the deaths of birds and the massive death toll of whales off the Jersey shore from building an offshore wind farm. The initial investment may be significant. But renewable energy can lead to big savings on electricity costs. Additionally, it demonstrates your commitment to sustainability, which can attract eco-conscious customers.

  1. E-Waste Recycling Programs

This practice should already be in place, as there are California laws requiring proper disposal of electronic waste. If you are not practicing safe disposal, start right now. These policies help you properly dispose of outdated or non-functioning electronic equipment. Many electronics can be refurbished, resold, or recycled. This reduces waste and potentially generates revenue through resale.

  1. Data Center Optimization

Data centers are high energy consumers. Optimize your data center by doing things like:

Using energy-efficient servers

Implementing efficient cooling systems

Consolidating data storage to reduce power usage

Again, this is a job for your internal IT support team or outsourced Managed Services Provider.

  1. Green Web Hosting

You can reduce your website's carbon footprint by choosing a web hosting provider that uses renewable energy for their data centers. It can also lead to improved website performance and uptime.

  1. Paperless Office

A lot of the way business is conducted is paperless, but we’re still a long way from ‘Zero Paper.’ According to Office Dasher, 70% of total office waste is paper, with American businesses using 21 million tons of paper per year and generating 750,000 copies every minute.

Transitioning to the most paperless office you can have will save money on paper, ink, and storage. Use digital documents, electronic signatures, and cloud storage solutions to reduce paper usage.

About 6 hours a week is spent by office workers searching for paper documents. That’s 6 hours they are not working on generating revenue. Digitizing files allows for keyword searching, reducing those wasted hours, and improving productivity.

  1. Eco-Friendly Office Supplies

Eco-friendly office supplies include recycled paper, biodegradable pens, and reusable office products. These sustainable choices can reduce your office expenses and demonstrate your commitment to environmental responsibility.

  1. Optimize Software

Regular updates and optimization of your software can reduce system resource usage. Unnecessary background processes and inefficient code can strain your hardware, increasing energy consumption.

  1. Remote Monitoring and Control

To effectively manage your facility's energy usage, install remote monitoring and control systems. This technology allows you to adjust heating, cooling, and lighting remotely, which reduces energy waste. Smart thermostats are very affordable now. That makes this an easy energy energy-efficient win.

  1. Green Transportation Policies

This depends on your employees, and your ability to influence them, but it’s a great idea to promote green transportation policies for employees – perhaps with rewards. These might include:



Using public transportation

Incentives like subsidies for eco-friendly commuting options can help. They promote the reduction of transportation costs for your team. As noted, this depends entirely on your employees. Not everyone will happily trade a 30-minute car ride for an hour or more by bus.

  1. Sustainable Data Practices

Cleaning and organizing your databases removes redundant or outdated information. Efficient data management reduces storage requirements and enhances data processing speed.

  1. Green IT Certification

Look into pursuing green IT certifications. Such as the ISO 14001 or the Green Business Bureau certification. These certifications can improve your environmental standing and boost your company's reputation. More and more, customers appreciate this social consciousness.

  1. Employee Education and Engagement

Take the time to educate your employees about sustainable tech habits. Encourage their participation in eco-friendly initiatives. Engaged employees can help identify more cost-saving opportunities, and at least your younger employees should be enthusiastic.

  1. Supply Chain Sustainability

Work with suppliers and partners committed to sustainability. Sustainable sourcing and procurement practices can lead to cost reductions - as well as a more resilient supply chain.

  1. Lifecycle Assessments

For many reasons, it’s good to conduct lifecycle assessments of your products and services, but it will also help you identify areas where you can make environmental and cost improvements. This process can help you optimize your offerings and reduce waste.

  1. Green Marketing

Sustainability is a popular and growing notion, so leveraging your sustainability efforts as a selling point in your marketing campaigns will appeal to potential customers who are increasingly seeking out eco-conscious businesses. Promoting your sustainability can help you stand out from the competition and lead to increased brand loyalty and sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it more expensive to be energy-efficient?

Energy Star, which is administered by the EPA states, “By lowering energy use, energy efficiency reduces monthly energy bills and makes energy more affordable for businesses and families. Some energy-efficient products cost more to buy than other options, but they typically save you money over the long term.”

Does cloud actually save money?

Many of the cost savings are felt through increased productivity, but as a more tangible benefit, you save a lot on hardware. Instead of actually purchasing expensive hardware and installing it on-site, businesses can simply order up data use or storage services through the cloud and pay temporary access fees.

How do you optimize software performance?

A few ways are: By setting clear performance goals, identifying bottlenecks, employing efficient algorithms and data structures, optimizing database queries and I/O operations, managing memory effectively, leveraging parallelism and concurrency, minimizing I/O operations and network latency, and continuously monitoring and optimization.

Which is the best option to get rid of e-waste?

According to Los Angeles County Public Works, “If you have electronics that are still usable, donate them to your favorite charity. Some charities accept broken but repairable electronics. You can also contact your city's recycling coordinator or visit the US Environmental Protection Agency for programs near you.”

How secure is your network?

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Want Help Going Green to Save Money & Help the Planet?

Sustainable tech habits are not just about being environmentally responsible. They can also help your bottom line. The world has become increasingly aware of the importance of environmental responsibility. Embracing these sustainable tech habits can be a win-win for your business and the planet.

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