Saving the planet through sustainable resources and environmentally friendly practices is admirable, and to be applauded. BUT the responsible disposition of E-Waste is not just a nice thing to do, it is mandated by law.

Electronic devices have become indispensable in our tech-driven world, for consumers and for business, but with constant upgrades, what happens to the old devices? They tend to pile up and eat up storage space, but you can’t just toss them in a dumpster. E-waste poses a significant environmental threat if not disposed of responsibly.

E-waste refers to electronic devices that are no longer useful or wanted. These include, but are not limited to:








and more…

E-waste can contain hazardous materials like lead, mercury, cadmium, and brominated flame retardants. These can harm the environment and human health if they are not disposed of properly.

E-waste comprises about 70% of toxic waste. People only recycle 12.5% of it.

What can you do to responsibly get rid of e-waste at your home or office? Here are some tips.

  1. Identify E-Waste

E-waste includes old computers, smartphones, printers, and other electronic devices. It also comprises batteries, chargers, and even cables. Understanding what makes up e-waste is the first step towards responsible disposal.

Most people simply aren’t aware of what e-waste includes. This is a big reason that most of it ends up in landfills. Which is not good for us or the environment. Capacitors, if exposed to high heat, as in a sun-baked landfill, can explode and start a massive, toxic fire.

  1. Reduce E-Waste

The less e-waste you generate, the less you have to dispose of properly, so the next step is to reduce the amount of you generate in the first place. This means buying only what you need, choosing durable and energy-efficient products, and extending the lifespan of your devices by repairing them when possible.

Before buying a new electronic device, ask if it’s necessary. Can more than one person share a company tablet, for example? In some cases, everyone in a family or office might not need a duplicate device.

  1. Recycle!Many electronics retailers and manufacturers have recycling programs, so it’s advisable to research local options. Retailers often collect old gadgets, ensuring they are recycled or disposed of properly. These programs are convenient and eco-friendly.

Here are a couple you can check out:

Best Buy


When it comes to business devices, IT Support LA offers free pickup and secure recycling.

4. Locate E-Waste Recycling Centers

E-waste recycling centers specialize in disposing of electronic devices safely. They dismantle gadgets, recycle valuable components, and dispose of hazardous materials responsibly. Simply Google up a certified e-waste recycling center near you for proper disposal.

Here are a few sites where you can find recycling centers:

Greener Gadgets



  1. Donate or Sell Functioning Devices

Donating old devices that are still functional is certainly something to consider. Many charities and schools accept functional electronics. You can also sell them online through reputable platforms. This gives gadgets a new life and reduces e-waste.

Be sure to properly clean data from old devices first. You don’t want someone stumbling onto your online banking app or all your family photos, and you don’t want the kids at ‘St. Swithens School for the Constantly Curious’ finding your ‘Only Fans’ downloads! Keep on reading for tips on doing this properly.

  1. Dispose of Batteries Separately

Batteries can be dangerous! Especially rechargeable ones which contain hazardous materials. Many retailers and recycling centers have dedicated bins for battery disposal. Always separate batteries from other e-waste for proper handling.

  1. Look into Manufacturer Take-Back Programs

Several electronic manufacturers offer take-back programs. When you buy a new device, inquire about their disposal programs. Some manufacturers take back old gadgets, ensuring responsible recycling or refurbishment.

  1. Use Only Certified E-Waste Recyclers

All e-waste recycling services are not created equal. Use only certified recyclers. Look for certifications like R2 or e-Stewards. These certifications ensure that the recycling process meets high environmental standards. As well as data security protocols.

  1. Educate Your Staff or Family

The key to effective and legal e-waste disposition is awareness. Educate your office or household about the importance of responsible e-waste disposal. Encourage everyone to take part and follow proper disposal methods.

  1. Upcycle or Repurpose

You can often repurpose or upcycle old electronics, so think creatively. Turn an old computer monitor into a digital photo frame. Use smartphone parts for DIY projects. Upcycling reduces waste and adds a touch of innovation.

  1. Support Manufacturer Responsibility

companies that take environmental responsibility seriously. Choose products from manufacturers committed to sustainable practices and responsible e-waste management.

  1. Secure Data Before Disposal, Sale, or Donation</H2>

Before you dispose of your devices, wipe every bit of data from them. Otherwise, you could become the victim of cybercrime. It’s not unusual for criminals to troll dumps for old electronics. Remove all traces of your data to keep yourself protected.

Use reliable data erasure software. Or consult with an IT services professional to securely wipe information from old gadgets. Data security is crucial even in disposal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the law on electronic waste in California?

California enacted the Electronic Waste Recycling Act of 2003 (SB 20, Sher, Chapter 526, Statutes of 2003) to establish a funding system for the collection and recycling of certain electronic wastes.

CalRecycle, which is a government agency provides a list of devices which cannot be thrown away as regular trash HERE.

What parts can be recycled in a computer?

According to Recycle Nation, about 98% of a computer can be recycled: glass monitor, keyboards, plastic or aluminum casings, cables, CD-ROM drives, ray tubes, power cords, circuit boards, batteries and printer cartridges are all recyclable computer materials.

Are computer keyboards recyclable?

The EPA has designated computer keyboards as Hazardous Waste and must be disposed of accordingly. Keyboards do not have as many potentially dangerous components (any worse than wiring and plastic) as computers and even monitors, but even so, they should be recycled responsibly. If any accessory still works, it is a great candidate for a donation to a local charity. Best practice says to store computer accessories and give them to your IT service technician upon his/her next visit.

NOTE: VoIP phone systems hardware should also be responsibly recycled. If you are replacing VoIP phones, check with the manufacturer – many of them have ‘buy-back programs. There are also private companies that will buy the old hardware.

Where can I recycle computer monitors?

Yes, and most computer monitor manufacturers offer take-back recycling. This does not usually involve packing and shipping the monitor, as many manufacturers are partnered with outlets like Best Buy, Goodwill, and Staples. Go to the manufacturer’s website for more information. any Managed IT services will perform this task for you.

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