ChatGPT is showing up everywhere these days. Both Google and Bing are leveraging this advanced artificial intelligence language model. As more people learn what it is and how to use it, we can expect it to rear its head in more of the business and personal tools that we use every day.

ChatGPT is having a revolutionary effect on the way businesses interact with their customers, as well as how they get things done. Teams are using it for everything from emails to generating ideas for product names.

It’s easy to be drawn in by the tool’s personalized and informative responses in real-time, but integrating ChatGPT into your business operations requires caution and careful consideration. You want to make sure that things don't get out of hand with employees using the tool irresponsibly.

NOTE: Your IT services provider, whether in-house or an outsourced Managed Services Provider (MSP) cannot protect you against what ChatGPT does, because it’s all about the unfortunate, potentially embarrassing, text it may produce. ChatGPT will not directly attack your network, although in hackers’ hands it can produce malicious code used in phishing attacks.

What are best ways to use ChatGPT?

New technologies are often mistake-prone, and this one is no different – in fact, it is potentially more capable of making mistakes. When you begin using ChatGPT, you’ll see a warning about this. It is advised not to use the responses it provides you without human review and editing.

It can write you an employee device use policy if you ask, but there may be things in that auto-generated policy that aren’t quite correct. Use it as a prompt, but not as a replacement for human-generated content.

Another weakness is potential bias – just like anything else, ChatGPT is engineered by humans, and examples of political bias have already been found. Wikimedia Commons reports on a request for it to write two poems of praise: One for Trump and one for Biden.

For Trump, it refused to write a poem, only noting that, “As an AI language model, I strive to remain impartial and neutral.” It then offered to “write a poem that celebrates the office of the President of the United States, which Donald Trump once held.”

For Biden, it spat out twenty adoring lines over 5 stanzas literally gushing about the President:
Small sample:
“In the land of the free, a leader stands tall,
A beacon of hope, in times of great strife,
A voice for the voiceless, heeding their call,
A man with a plan, to transform their life.”

Most business people keep politics out of professional correspondence – unless their business is politics, but this certainly makes one wonder who programmed it. In an era of widespread accusations of misinformation, this is extra cause for concern.

As the tool considers vast amounts of content, it can pick up some bad habits. Thus, you could get biased or shocking responses from ChatGPT. Understand that in human terms, the tool is still a child that needs supervision. Don’t hand over the keys to the car unless you’re in the passenger seat.

Well-Defined Roles for ChatGPT

Before integrating ChatGPT into your business, it's essential to define its specific role, which can range from answering customers to generating ideas for new products, but it should not include anything of critical importance. Can you imagine a trial attorney leaving his/her closing arguments up to ChatGPT?

Defining its role allows you to leverage its power and ensures that guard rails are put in place. The technology is still very new, so it’s not advisable to let your employees use it for everything.

New Policies & Procedures (P&P) need to be enacted to determine exactly which tasks the company approves for ChatGPT use and which it does not. This empowers your team to use it where you deem best and avoids improper use.

Consider Customer Privacy

Every industry has mandated compliances to meet. Customer Data Privacy is a crucial aspect of any business, and ChatGPT should not be an exception. As you integrate the tool into your work, it's important to consider customer privacy. In March, Italy banned ChatGPT due to data privacy concerns.

To limit the potential for data leakage, be aware of any exposure of employee or customer data to ChatGPT.

For example, after data collection reaches a particular threshold, you can configure ChatGPT to stop collecting customer data.

Human Oversight Is Mandatory

ChatGPT is an aid to human interaction, not a substitute. It's crucial to have human oversight to ensure the output it gives is relevant and accurate. Human oversight can help stop inappropriate responses that may negatively impact your business.

ChatGPT and Your Existing Customer Service Policies

Integrating ChatGPT into your customer service channels can benefit customers, providing real-time responses to customer queries.  It can improve customer experience while also reducing workload. You can also integrate it into your website, social media, and other support channels. Never forget that human beings need to monitor ChatGPT and its responses.

Measure and Optimize Performance

Measuring any tool’s performance is crucial, but even more so with ChatGPT, to ensure that it's providing value. Measure its performance by analyzing customer satisfaction, response time, and responses handled.

You can also compare productivity statistics. Does using ChatGPT to write the framework for customer emails save time? Or does it take just as much time for your team to edit its responses? If the oversight takes as long – or longer - as the task, some re-thinking is in order.

Based on the analysis, you can optimize ChatGPT to improve its performance. This helps it to be a better support for your business.

Transparency for Your Customers

If you’re using ChatGPT for email responses or other things, be up front about it. Your customers will appreciate your honesty. For example, you could simply state the following in your policies: “We leverage AI for certain content, but always edit and fact-check its outputs.”

The use of AI-generated content is a murky area right now. Responsible companies tell their customers exactly where and how they are using it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does ChatGPT stand for?

A: Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer.

Q: What are the biggest concerns with ChatGPT?

A: Aside from concepts listed in the main body of text here, it is inevitable that bad actors will use ChatGPT for fraudulent services generation, harmful information gathering, private data disclosure, malicious text generation, malicious code generation, and offensive content production.

Q: What's a good question for ChatGPT?

A: This is a great way to ascertain how ChatGPT ‘thinks.’ Questions should be simple and straight forward. Some insightful things to ask for are:

Jokes and riddles
Trivia questions
Games (“Shall we play a game?”)
Conversation starters

Q: Does ChatGPT have unique answers?

A: It depends on the complexity of the subject matter. Simple, factual questions like the temperature at which water boils will invariably produce the same answers, the chatbot is designed to provide unique answers using natural language processing. While the answers generated by this artificial intelligence for the same questions may vary, they usually have great accuracy.

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ChatGPT is an excellent tool for businesses looking to leverage its AI power. But this tool is still in its infancy. Integrating ChatGPT into your business requires careful consideration. You need to ensure that it's effective and secure.

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