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Site Optimization Is Easy and Affordable…Because Unet Design Makes It So!

Site Performance Optimization (SPO) seems frustrating for many. Often times, being nothing more than a costly and disappointing waste of reseources.

Contrary to what you may have been told, you can see results in a short amount of time. With IT Support LA's Site Performance Optimization, you will see an increase in your site’s performance, and rankings among today’s mainstream search engines. IT Support LA's SPO (Site Performance Optimization) practices are also in line with W3C standards, so the site performance strategy developed for your company will help search engines properly index your site, making it easier for prospects to find your product or service in their search.

Having IT Support LA develop your Site Performance Optimization will spare you from wasting precious time, energy and money. Besides, do you know of any other team who will waive the bill if you don’t see results? Neither do we! That’s why we offer it!

Ready.. Set.. Go!

Most businesses don't think of site performance optimization until they are faced with a problem. Don't wait until trouble finds you. Take preventative steps now to ensure you're not sending your site visitors away. Let us run a free diagnostic check to see how your site is really performing with search engines and your site visitors.

Prepare for Liftoff!

IT Support LA is ready to develop an affordable solution that improve your site's performance. The work we do is ethical and in line with today's web design and search engine standards. So before taking your project outside the US, or placing it in the hands of a novice to save money, talk to us first. We're reputable, courteous and affordable.

Ethical Optimization Practices

Don't have your website penalized by search engines for improper optimization practices. We employ ``white-hat`` ethical practices that are made to improve site performance, enhance indexability, and refine the user experience. Check us out. There are no long-term contracts or sticky terms and conditions.

Free Site Diagnosis

We never guess...because we're expected to know the best way to approach a problem. So before we prescribe anything, we run a battery of diagnostic tests that will pinpoint where our attention needs to be to resolve the issue. So get in the know. Contact us today for your free diagnostic site check.

We Got Your Back

Good optimization takes careful planning. Whether you want to improve your site's performance or your search engine recognition, we hold our clients' hands throughout the entire process. And when everything is in place, we take the time to share what we did, how we did it, and what you can do to keep things at an optimal level, so all efforts remain intact and function well.

Payment Convenience

It's not only fun to work with our team, but also it's convenient! IT Support LA now accepts all major credit cards, and client payments via PayPal. As a result, our clients are able to utilize our skills now to complete business-critical projects, and enjoy paying! We're always looking for ways to make things easier for clients; offering deferred payment options only proves it.

What’s the Difference Between SPO and SEO?

We get this question a lot, and it’s a very good one. As a result, we decided to add it to this page.

In short, site performance optimization (SPO) relates to the performance of your actual site. More specifically, we look at the site’s functionality, page load speeds, and what may be causing your traffic to leave your site soon after visitors get there. Perhaps your images are too large, or your plug-ins are dragging your site down. Whatever the issue is, we will restore your site to optimum operating levels.

Search engine optimization (SEO) deals with how your site is understood by search engines like Bing, Yahoo and Google, to name a few of the big guns. But how does your site appear in search results? That’s where SEO comes into play. To simplify things, we optimize a website so search engines can understand how to index your site. That way, when someone is searching for your product service, engines will be able to include you in search results. This is done through proper titles, tags and descriptions that are intended to lead people to your site. In addition, there are other ethical practices we employ, such as backlinks, reciprocal links, and geo pages, that increase the quality of traffic and relevant visitors to your site.

For more information about SEO and SPO, or if you have any questions about your own project, contact us for a free consultation and a free site diagnostic review.

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide free consultations for prospective clients to meet with designers from our team, to get informed answers to their project questions. There are some questions however, that we can answer for you, right now. Take a moment to review, and feel free to contact us if we have not addressed the question you want answered.

Why should I care about optimizing my website?

The short answer is; a site having low performance will always work against your efforts to drawing new or repeat business to the site. Take for example, just a 1-second delay in page loading time, which can lead to 11% fewer page views, a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction, and 7% loss in conversions. (Source : Aberdeen Group). Sites having slow load times see a decrease in the income generated, as well as an increased bounce rate, and lower conversion rates. Having your site optimized for best performance will not only give you a competitive edge, it will also increase your sales, visibility, and market share!
Still don’t think it is worth doing? How many times have you returned to a slow performing website? Your human! You likely left the site quickly and never gave that business another thought. If so, then why chance having visitors do the same to you?

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Do I have to install anything to have you analyze my web site?

No installation, or any work is required of you. We only need access to your site editor to help us determine where your troubled spots are, and what impact they are having on the site. We will then review the action plan with you for approval, before resolving your issue. The entire process is easy and stress-free for our clients.

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What factors affect my website loading time?

There are several factors that can affect your site’s load time like; network performance, images, plug-ins, hosting and more! These all translate to added “wait times” that will wreak havoc on your site’s performance. This will undoubtedly, impact your site visitors experience, reduce sales, and redirect traffic away from your site.

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Will you help me make sense of what an analysis report means?

Absolutely! Explaining the information found in an analytics report, not only helps us, but our clients make informed decisions with respect to their web site’s perform and functionality. We have been doing this for several years, so we have a knack for converting confusing technical jargon, into easy to understand information for our clients, so they remain “in the know” as we resolve their issues.

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Will you provide any tests so I can see what the problems are, or are you just going to tell me?

We are clear in our approach. You will have a meeting with our specialist to review your site’s test results. Together, you will identify and discuss each of the site issues found, before prescribing the best, most cost effective action plan to resolve the issue. We know this is not your area of expertise, so when we explain things, we make sure our clients understand and feel comfortable with what is being proposed.

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What if I wish to cancel my service?

Well, to start, we do not require any short or long term contracts for this service. With site optimization is done correctly, results will be seen rather quickly. Again, there are no contracts, but we would like to work with the client for a period of three months, to ensure we have enough time to optimize, test and observe our work remains in tip-top shape.

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Will IT Support LA take care of writing content for my social media pages?

Not only do we write profile pages that bring out the best in you. We can also write engaging content for your blogs, articles and newsletters, to improve open rates, and help your clients stay connected with your business. So whether you want content written once a month, once a week, or everyday, you can use our professional content writing service as often as you wish, without ever exceeding your budget for the project.

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Does IT Support LA work on existing sites?

We sure do! If you have a WordPress, Joomla or Drupal site and looking to refresh, revise or revive your existing site, we can help. Also included, a free Site Performance Assessment, to examine your site’s overall performance, search engine optimization, navigation hierarchy and user experience. For those needing ongoing attention, we do offer affordable maintenance programs that you can completely customize.

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How much will Site Performance Optimization cost me?

Just like any of our other services, cost greatly depends on what is needed, and how often you will require our attention. Of course, you want a better answer than that, so let’s just say our optimization services start at $150 a month. If you would like an exact quote, we are able to provide you with a complete assessment of your site to learn where those hot spots are impacting your site most, and what to do to correct the problem.

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