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It’s an understatement to state that these are trying times, with the Covid-19 virus effecting every part of our lives – and our businesses. We have yet to see the long-term side effects the current shutdown will have on not just our profitability, but in the very nature of the ways in which we conduct our business. The important thing, whether in a crisis like this or not, is to CUT COSTS – without cutting quality. In the case of outsourced IT, you stand to IMPROVE quality at a lower price

Many businesses are too small to warrant supporting an in-house IT person, but the growing trend among larger businesses is to relieve themselves of that high cost by going back to outsourced IT – specifically to a good Managed Services Provider (MSP).

Just in terms of dollars, it makes more sense to entrust your network and your data, which form the Life’s Blood of your business to the 24/7 all-seeing care of an MSP, than to an employee, or even a team of employees.

A good IT person earns between $70k to $130k a year on average, plus benefits, plus time off for vacations, sick days, etc. Typically, for a superior level of service, you would pay an MSP a fraction of that, and here’s what you get for your (less) money:

Your IT is not an Employee

  • You don’t pay when somebody on your MSP’s help desk is out sick – your needs will always be taken care of – even on Holidays.
  • Your MSP doesn’t GET sick
  • You don’t train them on your system
  • One less person taking up HR’s time.

Access to a Larger Talent Pool

  • Your IT employee is usually not an expert at everything, Your superior MSP has a pool of talent to cover every contingency. Don’t wait for an emergency to find out what your IT guy does NOT know.

Lower Labor Costs

  • Every company wants to trim costs where they can, and often suffer for it. Outsourcing your IT with a good, reputable MSP will improve your IT and drastically lessen the cost.

How IT SUPPORT LA Can Do This For You

We are 18 years in business serving the greater L.A. area and Ventura County, and have an excellent reputation – please check us on Google+, Yelp and the Better Business Bureau. We were named “Best IT” for 2018 and 2019 by The Small Business Expo, and we are ranked within the 501 top WORLDWIDE Managed Service Providers per MSPmentor/ChannelFutures, - major resources for the IT community. We offer Ferrari service at Ford prices.

We are the answer to better quality IT at a Lower cost

We put our money where our mouth is:

  • No contracts: We have a Master Service Agreement that outlines exactly the scope of our service.
  • You can cancel our agreement at any time with 30 days’ notice.
  • We offer a 100% Money back guarantee.

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