FREE REPORT: Tips On How To Get The Most Out Of A Valuable Communication Tool With Hidden Treasures: PDF Files

Most of us receive a PDF and read it, predominantly through Adobe Acrobat or Reader. Although there are other programs available for working with the Portable Document Format, Adobe still own’s the lion’s share of this versatile tool. Some may think it’s far from versatile, but only if all you’ve ever done is read them. You can’t just get one and edit it without a special program, but depending on how the PDF was created, there are certainly interactive features that are possible.

Most of the originators of PDF files just convert other documents to the format to ensure that they can’t be doctored or for the ease of use on the receiver’s end, but there are innovations that make this type of file extremely more effective for communication.

Why does IT Support LA want to create reports on anything outside of the Server>Workstation>User chain? Most IT companies would just say “That’s not our area. You need to call your vendor.” Because Information Technology means much more to us than that, just as our clients are much more than just customers. We are their partners. We take under our wing ANY technology that creates, conveys or stores information in the form of communication, from computers to VoIP phones to network supported security cameras.

If we can help speed our partners’ work flow in even the smallest way, including suggesting ways to increase the impact or lessen the work involved in any program they use, such as getting ‘double duty’ out of a format like PDF, we will offer it for consideration.

To our client/partners, we like to say “Your success is our success”

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