One Wrong Click Makes Your Defenses Useless

The strongest castle wall, like the strongest firewall will not protect you if someone on the inside opens the gate for the enemy. The invaders grow in numbers every day, and improve the siege engines they employ faster than new defenses can be put in place. But those dangers are only real once the interloper gains access to your domain.

The biggest threats to your company’s well-being aren’t the Ransomware Gang, or simple data thieves. The most prevalent dangers are benign: They have coffee mugs that say ‘World’s Greatest Mom (or Dad)’, they have pictures of their loved ones on their desks. They work hard for you and want the best for your company, yet it is their index finger on a mouse that can cause sometimes irreparable damage to your business.

Yes, the worst threat to you is your own staff. They mean well, but if they are not trained in cyber safety, they can easily let the barbarian hordes in to wreak havoc.

How bad is it? It’s huge and it’s growing: Counting ONLY Ransomware, in January/February of 2016, there were about 33,000 attacks on businesses PER MONTH. In March, it jumped to almost 60,000, and stayed fairly consistent throughout the year. In the 1st quarter of 2017, that figure made a quantum leap to over 218,000.

The cyber thugs smell money like a shark smells blood in the water and they are going whole hog to snatch everybody’s wallet. Small timers may hit consumers for $100 - $300 ransom to unlock their Smart Phones, but among businesses, over 50% paid more than $10,000, and about 20% paid $40,000 and up.

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There are no strings, obligations or hidden ‘catches’. We want the best for our community, which has treated us so well over the past 15 years, and we want to give back. This is solid training, not a teaser to entice you to buy into a paid program. It is our gift to you. We will not hand out sales materials or give any kind of sales pitch, we won’t even ask you to accept our business card unless you ask for one.

All we ask is that our training session be official, in a designated area - not just a few people around the water cooler. Sure, we’re giving this away free, but you will also be diverting your staff away from their duties for an hour. You would want that hour to be well spent, wouldn’t you? So as much as possible, all employees need to be in attendance, because it only takes one naïve click to bring your business to a complete stop, and guess whose finger would be on that mouse: The one who wasn’t here.

A few of the cyber safety procedures and practices we will share:

  • How to identify phishing emails and websites
  • What you can and can’t send safely in emails (some should be obvious, such as Social Security Numbers
  • How to protect portable media/mobile devices
  • The importance of, and how to create strong passwords. Extremely powerful and intelligent business people actually use ‘password’, or ‘1234’ (the ‘smart’ ones use ‘4321’)
  • Not to share passwords (seems simple, but…)
  • The dangers of posting PII on social media
  • The risks of having company data on personal devices

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