You have heard many things about the cloud, but by digging a little deep, it’s hard to deny how beneficial Cloud Service can be for your business.

Cloud-Based Managed Services providers are expected to triple by the end of 2021. Here’s why more companies than ever are utilizing this iconic digital business support platform:

Virtually Powerful For Your Business

We live in a vastly more ‘Remote User’ world these days, and the cloud offers universal accessibility. Using the cloud to support your remote workforce gives them higher overall job satisfaction. COVID will not be the end of all disasters, but using the cloud lends extra layers of invulnerability to your continuity of operations no matter what happens.

Aside from the current situation, 87% of companies rely on workers using their smartphones to access cloud-based apps for business. As of this point, 66% of workers believe that the physical office environment will vanish in 10 years.

Cost Cutting and Containment

Now, more than ever, Businesses need to rein in costs. We at IT Support LA have long touted the cost savings of moving to the cloud – not just in terms of productivity, but in every aspect of your operation. No more computer and server upgrades with the much smaller hardware footprint in the office that the cloud provides. In fact, 94% of IT CEOs said the cloud reduces setup and maintenance costs, giving the client an average 20% savings across the board.

Happier Customers

Keeping the customer satisfied is of paramount importance. The enhancements to customer service that using the cloud bring to your clients are measurable: Organizations with Cloud Contact Center technology report 18% higher customer satisfaction, according Gartner, in fact, they report that 57% of companies that responded to their survey had invested in cloud solutions to improve customer serve and relations.

Happier Employees

According to the 2019 Technology in Preconstruction Report, employees who use the cloud are 13% more productive than those who do not. 85% of workers who use the cloud have stated that their own balance of work and life are at their most rewarding level. The report concludes that “No employee will remain untouched by cloud software.”

Whether remote or in the office, workers stay easily connected to one another, vastly decreasing the time spent on any individual project. Less stress = happier employees.

Increased Competitiveness

No matter the size of your business, the increase in productivity the cloud gives you enables your workforce a cleaner, faster work-flow: 74% of companies surveyed said the cloud gives their business a clear competitive advantage.

Statistics show that companies who utilize cloud-based computing grow 19.6% faster than those stuck in the past, using the ‘old school’ technology.

Everybody Wants to be ‘Greener’ – and Now it Pays!

Given all of the toxic elements to localized network hardware, the cloud is up to 98% more environmentally friendly and responsible. It not only helps your business work faster and grow faster, but it helps the planet. Companies who move to the cloud can reduce their energy consumption by up to 95%, which reduces their utility costs by up to 90%.


Technology continues to advance by leaps and bounds. The old hardware-based systems will not keep up with the demands of the future any more than an old, picture-tube TV can show streaming entertainment. AI (Artificial Intelligence) is here, and every month it becomes more pervasive. An old network infrastructure will absolutely fall behind (they already have). Gartner reports that by the end of 2020, the average person will communicate more with chatbots than they do with their spouses.

The cloud puts you in a ‘ready and able’ position to meet the future with confidence.

Time is Money

Using the cloud frees up time to concentrate on activities that generate revenue and grow the business. Whether it’s for an in-house IT department, or for your staff dealing with their IT provider over computer issues. 36% of the respondents to the Gartner survey stated that decreasing their staff’s workload was the #1 reason for moving to the cloud. 80% of U.S. start-ups go straight to the cloud.

Going Global?

Global e-commerce is projected to reach 18.89 TRILLION dollars in revenue by 2027. 62% of companies have stated that their primary focus for expanding their companies is through international business.

Cloud applications ensure a seamless exchange of ideas, data, and negotiations no matter where your prospective client is located. In addition, all company files are distributed in real-time, so nothing is delayed, ensuring the strongest and fastest communications. Plus, depending on the compliance or regulatory laws of any given country, you have more say in where your sensitive data is stored.

Which One of the Above Would be Your Reason to Go to the Cloud?

Any one would be enough. How many of these hidden benefits apply to your business? We are guessing most, if not all.

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