You don’t have to be a retail enterprise to use the Teams Payment app. As a Managed Services Provider, IT Support LA does process payments for project work and hardware sales, even though our clients tend to be on a direct-pay system.

If you are you a small business owner or a freelancer who offers products or services online, you may want to look at this app to get paid by your customers in a fast and convenient way. If you have tried different payment platforms, you will have seen that they often require you to switch between different apps or websites, which can be time-consuming and confusing.

This new app offers another option to streamline the payment process. Teams Payments app is a new feature that allows you to request and receive payments from your customers within Microsoft Teams meetings.

The Teams Payments app is currently available in the United States and Canada. Subscribers to Teams Essentials and Microsoft 365 business get it at no charge.

How Teams Payment App Works

The app is simple to use. You can get it from the Microsoft AppStore, add it to your Teams account, and connect it to your preferred payment service. You can choose from:




Once you set the app up, you can start requesting payments from your customers in Teams meetings.

Sending a Payment Request

Ehen you want to send a payment request, you just need to open the meeting chat. Then, select the Payments icon from the messaging extensions, whereupon you find a simple form to fill out. It includes the amount, currency, description, and recipients of your request.

If desired, you can send the same request to several people. The app will generate a card that shows the status of each payment, whether it is unpaid or paid.

Image credit: Microsoft

In their own meeting chat, your customers will see the same card. They can then simply click on the ‘Pay Now’ button to complete their payment. The system will redirect them to the payment service that you have connected to the app. There, they can enter their payment details and confirm their transaction.

They will see a confirmation message in the chat once payment is completed. You will also receive a notification that your payment has been processed.

Image credit: Microsoft

Benefits of Using the Teams Payment App

There are many benefits for small businesses and freelancers who offer online products or services. Here are a few:

Saves time and hassle.

You will not have to switch between different apps or websites. You can easily request and receive payments from your customers. You can do everything within Teams meetings. This makes it more convenient and efficient for both parties.

Increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Your customers will appreciate how simple the payment process is through Teams meetings. They don't need to create an account or download an app to pay you. They can complete their transaction in a few clicks right inside the meeting.

Boosts your revenue and cash flow.

Getting paid faster is always a big plus for cash flow and revenue, and the Teams Payments app means you don't need to wait for invoices or checks to clear. You can receive your money within minutes of completing a service.

Enhances your professional image and credibility.

It enhances customer confidence when you show your customers that you are using a reliable and trusted payment platform built by a well-known company that has been a technology leader for decades. You can also add a seller policy to your payment requests where you can specify your terms and conditions, cancellation policy, refund policy, etc.

Keeps better track of payments.

Effective financial management depends on keeping track of payments. With the Teams Payments App, you can track transactions in real-time, receiving instant notifications for successful payments. It will help you maintain a comprehensive record of your financial interactions.

Integrated seamlessly with Microsoft 365.

With this app’s ability to seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365, you can leverage the power of Microsoft's ecosystem. Use it to manage your communications, collaborations, and payments together. No need for more logins or complicated setups – it’s all within this one, user-friendly platform.

Increases productivity.

Whenever and wherever you reduce the time spent on tasks, more time is spent on the core nature of your business, which boosts productivity. By integrating Payments into Teams, it allows you and your team to focus on those business activities that generate revenue and drive growth.

The Teams Payments app marks a significant leap in digital business transactions. By leveraging this powerful tool, you’re simplifying payments. You’re also enhancing customer experiences, ensuring data security, and boosting productivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Microsoft Teams included in Microsoft 365?

Yes – in the paid business version. Personal 365 subscription doesn't include the business Teams – just a watered-down free version of Teams, with no Payment App.

How do I enable Teams in M365?

It's simple:
1: Login to your Office 365 admin portal.
2: Click on settings -> Apps and look for Microsoft Teams.
3: Turn on Microsoft Teams for your entire organization.
4: Go to and start your first teams.

Is Microsoft Teams a standalone app?

MS Teams does offer a standalone chat app but is limited to Windows 11 OS and limited to personal accounts only, so this is not an option for businesses. Subscribers to Teams Essentials and Microsoft 365 Business get it at no charge.

What Office 365 license comes with Teams?

There are several Office 365 subscriptions that include Teams, including: Small business plans: Microsoft 365 Business Basic, Standard, and Premium.

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The Teams Payments app is a great way to simplify and streamline your payment process. It can help you save time, increase customer satisfaction, and boost revenue.

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