The way we store data has changed greatly over the years, from 80 byte punchcards to multi-terabye drives that can fit in the palm of your hand. In today's PC market you will find 2 main storage types, your standard spinning harddisk drive and a newer technology called solid state drives, or SSD. We'll find out more about SSDs and how they can help your business, coming up next.

Solid state drives are becoming standard in modern PCs, and for good reason. Let's see more about how upgrading to an SSD can help your bottom line.

Number 1. Increased read/write speeds. SSDs provide faster access to your data, speeding up the boot time of your operating system and programs. SSD drives can operate up around 30 times faster than a standard HDD meaning your PC can boot in seconds rather than minutes.

Number 2. Power savings. If your business is trying to go green and help decrease energy consumption then SSDs should be on your list of upgrades. SSDs have no moving parts and in turn generates less heat and use less power than traditional hard drives. The power savings should be substantial when running in a laptop and those power savings translate to more battery time to get work done.

Number 3. Durability. If you are looking to upgrade drives in a portable storage unit or a laptop then SSD may be right for you. Dropping a spinning drive could be absolutely disastrous. However, no moving parts in an SSD means greater durability and a less likely chance of your data becoming destroyed or corrupted when your company laptop takes a spill.

While there are some trade-offs between SSDs and HDDs like cost and size, SSDs can make a huge difference in employee productivity due to the time saved loading files and applications. If you interested in more ways to save your business time and money, give our team a call, or visit our website, we'd be glad to help.

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