When we first buy them, computers make life and business easier. The problem is sooner or later they start showing their age and we start to question why we got them in the first place. We’ll outline three unmistakable signs your equipment needs an upgrade, coming up next …

No matter how much you spend on your computer equipment, it’s not going to last you forever. The day’s coming, and probably much sooner than you’d like, when you’re going to have to start thinking in terms of upgrading. Here are three sure signs that it’s time:

#1 Apps Load Slowly – Since you use your system every day, you have a good feel for how long it should take for apps you use on a regular basis to load. Over time, the software you use changes. It may be a simple update to your favorite accounting software or maybe a switch to a different CRM, but one day you will notice programs load slower. As your computer ages software developers start writing their programs to take advantage of more modern components making a program that used to be snappy become so slow you can get a cup of coffee from Starbucks and drive back home before the software loads. This is a good sign it is time to upgrade.

#2 Your Operating System Becomes Outdated – Microsoft and Apple are constantly looking for ways to innovate, because of this a lot can change between operating system releases that cause compatibility issues with new versions of your favorite software. Not only do older Operating Systems have the problem of not being compatible with the latest versions of popular software, the Operating System developers reach a point where they stop providing critical security updates and patches. At that point, there’s no sense in fighting it, it’s time to modernize.

#3 A Growing Number of Crashes – No matter what OS you use, system crashes are inevitable, but any time you try to marry an older OS with modern software, incompatibilities are bound to begin creeping into the equation. As that happens, you’ll start seeing an increasing number of in-explainable crashes. When you do, it’s a sure sign your system has seen better days.

Don’t wait until your system’s problems are so bad that it’s virtually unusable. Slow systems cause frustration and a loss in productivity costing your business both time and money. If you want to get your IT systems back up to speed, call our team. We’d be glad to help

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